F1 2021 – Saudi Arabia Formula 1 Grand Prix qualification live

Update narration Updated: 12/04/2021 19:12 CET See full narration B Welcome to qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the penulti

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Updated: 12/04/2021 19:12 CET

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Welcome to qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the penultimate round of the 2021 World Cup, pending a possible sanction for for ignoring a double yellow flag.

In Free 3 has reacted to finish first in Book 3 of the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. The Dutchman has managed to outstrip Lewis Hamilton at 0.214 with the soft tire and in Mercedes Friday’s problem is repeated with that compound, marked with the red band of Pirelli. It seems that they are not able to put it in the ideal temperature range for the best grip, which could overturn the Classification of this Saturday (6:00 p.m.).

The puzzle is the same one you are trying to compose Carlos Sainz with the , and even Verstappen too, that based on persevering in his runs he has managed to improve in the eighth round of a game and in the fourth of another, a window that cannot be extended in the 15 minutes of Q3. Equality is maximum, and then you have to count on the drop in track temperature, something that the cars have planned for the closed night and that could also decay the order of the grid.

What does seem clear is that Mercedes has no rival with the tough for the race, in fact, they achieve almost better times with that compound and with the half, as it turned out on Friday. Then they will arrive the opening of the engine cock, Well, today it already has the one in Brazil, which gives extra power, and the cars are fully discharged, so making predictions seems somewhat useless.

Ferrari it remains in similar positions on the opening day and very similar to that of the last races. Carlos Sainz was eighth, 0.048 behind his teammate, , which was seventh. Tsunoda and Gasly They seem intractable, really close to their Red Bull ‘brothers’, although it is very likely that they already have some more power deployed in the Honda engine as a test for Verstappen and Pérez.

Sainz He had problems improving with the soft and achieved it only in the first sector, and then he was below the average compound in sectors 2 and 3.

AND Adjustment changes were made throughout the session and the corresponding tests with each modification. I kept trying to collect data to order them in the best way for the Classification. And you might think that Alpine has run out of steam but their Free 3 positions are very similar to those of Qatar, so we have to wait for them to make a final leap as in that appointment.