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F1 2022: Checo Prez and Max Verstappen ‘resign’ from F1 and join the Red Bull sailing team

Ataking advantage of the two-week break in Formula 1, Czech Prez and Max Verstappen changed the concrete lanes for water lanes, join the Red Bull sailing team for a day.

In a video published by Red Bull, the F1 drivers are seen sharing with the sailing team in a race against the Australian team in St. Tropez. But before that, they had to learn to sail and challenged their body with the various exercises.

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Max beat Checo in the number of watts generated in the grinder (mill), 427 to 416. Then they get to know the boat and the way it handles, with the changes they have to make from side to side to keep their balance… and without ending up in the water.

Finally, they moved on to the race, after which Verstappen was delighted. “I decided to give up Formula 1,” joked the Dutchman.

“Getting out there and seeing how they enjoy what we do was great. Seeing their reactions, they enjoyed the forces in the turns. It puts sailing on the map”

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