F1 2022: Checo Prez remembers his first podium in F1: “I would have liked to have had more experience to beat Alonso”

Rto remember is to live again, and it has done so sergio prez in the 'Through The Visor' section of the Formula 1 YouTube channel, where he reviewe

Rto remember is to live again, and it has done so sergio prez in the ‘Through The Visor’ section of the Formula 1 YouTube channel, where he reviewed his experience in that Formula 1 race. Malaysia in 2012 when he conquered his first Grand Circus podium with the Sauber squire.

Was the March 25, 2012 when Czech, then 22 years old, he was in his second year in the highest category of motorsport and only in the second stop of the season tasted the honeys of the podium after an amazing race at the Sepang International Circuit.

“I was in my second year, very excited, I was very new to this sport and we faced a unique position as a team where we can win the race, the rain was intense and we made the best decisions and in the end we had a good chance to win the race,” recalled the now Red Bull driver.

In that race, Prez fight for the victory with the Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who runs for FerrariHowever, the Mexican acknowledged that the team was more focused on securing the podium than seeking victory, as this could have been counterproductive.

“I was very close to Alonso, but as a team we were thinking more about the podium than going for the win, It was going to be very risky to overtake Fernando,” Czech added.

One of the things that the Mexican would have wanted back then is the experience that you now have, Well, he points out that his car (Sauber C31) was faster that day than Alonso’s Ferrari.

“I would have liked to have more experience to be able to beat Fernando, He had a fantastic race because I was a little faster than him on that day, but I couldn’t get close enough,” said Perez.

The Mexican added that his intention was to fight for that victory, however the team also insisted on maintaining that position to finish not only on the podium, but make sure the car didn’t take too much damage in the battle for that top spot.

That podium made him Alonso (Ferrari), followed by Checo with Sauber and Lewis Hamilton in third place with McLaren.

After more than 10 years of career in Formula 1, Checo Prez has been on the podium 21 times, three of them to the top with the Red Bull and Racing Point teams.