F1 2022: Checo Prez: What do you need to lead the World Drivers’ Championship?

ANDthe mexican pilot Sergio 'Checo' Prez has begun to write his best season in Formula 1 when getting on the podium for the sixth time, after the S

ANDthe mexican pilot Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez has begun to write his best season in Formula 1 when getting on the podium for the sixth time, after the Second place at the British Grand Prix last weekend and He already has 21 in his professional career.

Red Bull leads both championships and with Max Verstappen in seventh place, Checo closed the gap and is only 34 points behind the Dutch, so the battle for first place in the World Drivers’ Championship begins between the men of Red Bull.

The driver from Guadalajara has shown each race why he renewed his contract with the Austrian team and slowly gaining the trust of Red Bull boss Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, who have already made it clear that Checo Pérez’s only obstacle to being champion is his teammate Max.

Checo and his spectacular career at the Silverstone Circuit

Despite starting fourth at the British Grand Prix, the Mexican pilot fell to 17th place, but with great determination and taking out all the Mexican power he managed to come back 15 places until reaching second place, only behind Carlos Sainz.

But it was not easy, especially in the last laps, when the tapato starred in an intense battle with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. It was on lap 45 when it all started, Checo began to stalk the Ferrari driver and when they were both in their fight, Hamilton surprised them and passed them both, but the Mexican did not shrink and immediately passed him again to win second place.

Max Verstappen

Checo’s rival is his teammate Max Verstappen. To the great performances of the Mexican and his thirst to prove to be the best Mexican in the history of the highest category of motorsports are added the complications that the Dutchman has had with his car, in the first races of the season, ‘Mad Max’ had some problems with his car and left the Bahrin GP and the Australian GP and in the Great Britain GP he suffered a puncture in one of his tires that caused him to leave the first place to finish in seventh.

What does Czech need to be in the first place?

The distribution of points in Formula 1 depends on the final position of each driver, being the first place the one that takes the most points: 25, while the tenth place takes only 1. To this you can add one more point by specifying the fastest lap as long as the pilot finishes within the limits. first 10 places.

If Checo wants to start closing the gap further with Max Verstappen, he will have to finish most races in positions ahead of the Dutchman. to score more points than him, in addition to being careful of Charles Leclerc, who has nine points less than him.

  1. 25 points
  2. 18 points
  3. 15 points
  4. 12 points
  5. 10 points
  6. 8 points
  7. 6 points
  8. 4 points
  9. 2 points
  10. 1 point

How is the World Drivers Championship going?

  1. Verstappen | 181 points
  2. Sergio Pérez | 147
  3. Charles Leclerc | 138
  4. Carlos Sainz | 127
  5. George Russell | 111
  6. Lewis Hamilton | 93
  7. Lando Norris | 58
  8. Valtteri Bottas | 46
  9. Esteban Ocon | 39
  10. Fernando Alonso | 28
  11. Pierre Gasley | 16
  12. Kevin Magnussen | 16
  13. Sebastian Vettel | fifteen
  14. Daniel Ricciardo | fifteen
  15. Yuki Tsunoda | eleven
  16. Guanyu Zhou | 5
  17. Mike Schumacher | 4
  18. Alexander Albon | 3
  19. Lance Stroll | 3
  20. Nico Hulkenberg | 0
  21. Nicholas Latifi | 0

Photos: BRAND Claro/Reuters