F1 2022: Checo Prez’s epic battles in F1

Sergio 'Czech' Prez has starred memorable battles on the track since his foray into F1. The Mexican pilot has made it clear on more than one occasi

F1 2022: Checo Prez’s epic battles in F1

Sergio ‘Czech’ Prez has starred memorable battles on the track since his foray into F1. The Mexican pilot has made it clear on more than one occasion that he is capable of fighting as a tat with the so-called “favorites” for the title and at MARCA Claro we remember some of his epic sports fights.

Lewis Hamilton

lewis Hamilton is, without a doubt, the rival who has managed to bring out the best version of Checo Prez. The British and the Mexican have starred countless battles on the track, the last one less than two weeks ago at Silverstone.

the cover came from last place to finish second in Great Britain and for this he had to leave the Mercedes team behind, who finished third behind Red Bull and Carlos Sainz, who got his first victory in F1.

“It’s good that Hamilton is back on top. Fights with him are always fun. He’s very aggressive, but he’s always been clean. I missed these battles.” Checo said after getting on the podium.

Face to face at Silverstone we must add episodes such as the one starring in Turkey last year, where both drivers showed their power on lap 34. Lewis tried to pass Checo, but the speed and dominance of the Mexican ended up prevailing. In the end Prez was third and Hamilton fifth.

Weeks before, in Azerbaijan, Checo served as protector of Max Verstappen and did not give ground to a Lewis Hamilton who put pressure on the Netherlands. Ultimately Max was out with a puncture, while Lewis was 15th after going wide in a corner. Prez’s great work ended up giving him the top of the podium.

Finally, the end of last season brought the master class of the Aztec on the European. In Yas Marina Czech closed all space to Hamilton so that his teammate, Max Verstappen, went from 10 to less than two seconds ahead of Mercedes.

In the end Verstappen took the title, largely thanks to the Mexican: “Checo is a legend. You have to give Checo credit because he did great teamwork, he’s a great teammate,” Max recognized at that moment.

Carlos Sainz

The face to face Red Bull and Ferrari It has brought a strong sporting pique between Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez and Carlos Sainz. To show what happened in the GP Monaco, where the Mexican conquered the top of the podium after imposing itself on Spanish.

“This sport is like that and there is no need to complain. In Jeddah, Checo had been unlucky, today he had a great race and he had some luck with my situation but sooner or later the opposite will happen” said Sainz.

In Miami, the situation favored Madrid, which prevented Checo from overtaking when the latter had moved into third in the blink of an eye.

Stephen Ocon

One of Checo Prez’s most remembered rivals is Esteban Ocon, who was his teammate at Racing Point. Both pilots took their friction to the track, where they suffered more than one mishap.

It all started in Canada in 2017, when the Mexican refused to let the French pass. A couple of weeks later, in Azerbaijan, both drivers left their team without a podium by fighting directly for third place.

A A risky maneuver on the part of Ocon ended with an impact on Checo’s car. In the end the Mexican abandoned and the European finished sixth.

The climax came in Belgium that same year, when the Frenchman assured: “Checo tried to kill me twice.” The foregoing after a defense by the Mexican, who closed the space to his teammate in an attempt to pass.

“Damage limitation today. We were having a good race until Prez tried to kill me 2 times! Anyway, I couldn’t do it and we finished in ninth place.

The Mexican came out to offer an apology to his team And I took the opportunity to mention: “What does disappoint me a lot are his posts where he says I tried to kill him. I could have said a lot of things in the past, but I didn’t. I think we are professionals, we are in the highest category of our sport and those comments do not seem appropriate to me.

lando norris

The 2021 season brought a “emerging rival” for Sergio Prez. Lando Norris stood out with McLaren and came to be third above the Mexican in the Drivers’ Championship; however in the end Czech was fourth and the British sixth, 30 points behind.

Despite this, inside McLaren did not consider a strong rivalry between Norris and Checo:

“I don’t think there is a rivalry (with Checo) really. I think they’ve had a couple of things. But if you told me who is Lando’s rival? I would not say that he is Czech. I think it was a racing incident. I haven’t heard Lando talk that pissed him off, I don’t think there’s a rivalry building between them,” said Zak Brown, CEO of the team.

in the current 2022 season Checo Prez is third in the F1 Drivers’ Championship with 151 points, only behind his teammate, Max Verstappen (208), and the Ferrari element, Charles Leclerc (170).