F1 2022: Fernando Alonso will get on the podium of the best paid with Hamilton and Verstappen

FFernando Alonso I decided to bet on the Aston Martin project for the 2023 season for one simple reason: it is more convincing than Alpine's. And

F1 2022: Fernando Alonso will get on the podium of the best paid with Hamilton and Verstappen

FFernando Alonso I decided to bet on the Aston Martin project for the 2023 season for one simple reason: it is more convincing than Alpine’s. And it is not a question of money, but that he sees more options to add successes to his brilliant record in the team of Lawrence Stroll than in the gala squad.

Everything was precipitated with the announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement. That vacant seat will be occupied by the Asturian, who has been fully convinced by the ambitious plan that the Silverstone-based team has underway. Alonso has between his eyebrows the idea of ​​​​leaving F1 at the top. He aspires to compete for podium finishes and wins. And why doesn’t he dream of adding a third title that would equal him with his admired Ayrton senna (champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991).

The notion of salary can always be considered a great temptation, but in this case it has not been the decisive factor when choosing a change of scenery. It has weighed more on his decision that Aston Martin guaranteed him a multi-year contract (Could be two years or more of relationship, although the figure has not been specified by any of the parties involved in the operation). Remember that Alpine refused to offer him a long-term contract.

20 million salary

But returning to the matter of money, it should be noted that Fernando will charge more than in Alpine (17.5 million) and more than Vettel in Aston Martin (which took about 17 million). His salary in his new team from 2023 will be around 20 million. With this, being on the podium of the highest paid drivers with a view to the 2023 F1 season. An honor to share with two other champions: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). Precisely, these three pilots are the ones who know how to win the world title. They have been left ‘alone’ after the ‘desertions’ of Kimi Raikkonen and Vettel.

Fernando’s cache remains very high and he would earn those amounts in almost any team he went to, for quality, media impact and ability to attract sponsorships. He is not still in F1 for money, but for his hunger to win races again and compete in the World Cup. In comparison, Vettel was already back after his departure from Ferrari and it has been seen that his outcome has not been exactly memorable.

A better looking project

Initially, the purpose of Aston Martin is to succeed in the medium term. And in Alpine they are much more cautious with their pretensions. Lawrence Stroll, owner of the English structure, is building a factory in Silverstone with a new wind tunnel. His idea is to start adding wins in 2024-25, before Alpine, who keeps talking about a hundred-race plan. That is, they are much more modest in terms of objectives.

Alonso, in a recent image / ALPINE

Juicy alliance with Mercedes

On the other hand, Stroll Sr. is a major shareholder in Aston Martin and has a technology agreement with Mercedes. And, by the way, toto wolffhead of the dominating squad of the hybrid era, is also a shareholder of the English team. The transfer of technology already gave good results in 2020, with several podiums for Stroll and a pole position; and a win for Checo Prez at Sakhir.

In addition, another aspect to take into account is that if they are applied well in how to correct the failures of the AMR22, the first of the ground effect era, could shoot them in performance in 2023, once the efficiency problems have been solved, as has happened to the Mercedes W13. They have something to compare, unlike Alpine, which is still only as chassis and motor.

Disturbing rumors about Alpine F1

To make matters worse, within the ‘paddock’ a disturbing rumor has spread that Alpine could shut down F1 soon. So Alonso has opted for a more stable team with a better project. In his current team there have been too many changes in recent times. The organization chart has changed a lot and on top of that, they are brazenly betting on Stephen Ocon. The lanky French driver is the great bet of the team led by Otmar Szafnauer.

It is true that at Aston Martin they form a duo with Lance Stroll, son of the owner. But, a priori, he arrives with the status of undisputed star of the squad. We will see if Fernando comes out triumphant in this new roll of the dice. At 41 years old, he is seen in top form and only needs to be given a competitive car to green his laurels.

The highest paid in F1 in 2023:

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) €35 million

2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 25

3. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) 20

4. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren?) 13

5. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 12

6. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) 10

7. Czech Perez (Red Bull) 10

8. Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) 8.5

9. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) 8.5

10. George Russell (Mercedes) 4.5

11. Lando Norris (McLaren) 4.5,

12. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) 4.5