F1 2022 live: British Grand Prix LIVE: Follow the result of the Formula 1 car race live

F1 2022 live All F1 laps from Silverstone minute by minuteGreat Britain Grand Prix F1 2022 live and direct online. Checo Prez had a trademark race.

F1 2022 live All F1 laps from Silverstone minute by minute

Great Britain Grand Prix F1 2022 live and direct online.

Checo Prez had a trademark race. The Mexican rider starred in a great remote after falling to last place and finishing second.

Great Britain GP | Lap 52/52 | Sainz achieves his first victory in Formula 1. Checo invents a podium after the accident that forced him to go to the pits to change his wing. Hamilton provides a show and closes the podium.

Great Britain GP | Lap 49/52 | What career provide Hamilton and Leclerc. The Briton surpasses, but the Monegasque does not give up, but it is Lewis who takes second place.

Great Britain GP | Lap 46/52 | The race does not give respite and loses both positions. Now Alonso attacks him.

Great Britain GP | Lap 45/52 | Great duel between Checo and Leclerc, the Mexican attacks and takes advantage of Hamilton to overtake the two.

Great Britain GP | Lap 43/52 | The safety car comes out and the race is relaunched. Sainz moved to the front of the race and Checo snatched third place from Hamilton.

Great Britain GP | Lap 40/52 | Ocon has a problem with his car, he can’t get to the pits and forces the safety car. Great opportunity for Hamilton and Prez. Lewis pits for soft tires.

Great Britain GP | Lap 37/52 | Hamilton has just passed Ricciardo and is free to attack the Ferraris.

Great Britain GP | Lap 34/52 | Hamilton enters the pits, put on hard tires to go to the end of the race. Leclerc is now the leader.

Great Britain GP | Round 31/52 | Sainz knows that he has no more rhythm and passes Leclerc to try to go for Hamilton.

Great Britain GP | Lap 29/52 | In Ferari they take a long time to make a decision if they try to go for the race with Sainz or if they bet on the points with Leclerc, so they play in favor of Mercedes and Hamilton increases the distance to enter the pits free.

Great Britain GP | Lap 26/52 | Leclerc enters the pits and Hamilton is the leader of the race.

Great Britain GP | Lap 24/52 | Verstappen is called to the pits. They change hard tires to try to go to the end.

Great Britain GP | Lap 22/52 | Bottas has problems with the car, enters the pits and the race ends.

Great Britain GP | Return 21/52 | Ferrari takes Sainz out of the way and calls him to the pits. Now first is Leclerc and second Hamilton.

Great Britain GP | Lap 20/52 | Ferrari asks Sainz to go faster, because Hamilton is on the hunt.

Great Britain GP | Lap 16/52 | Hamilton is the fastest driver on the track and is starting to close in on the Ferraris.

Great Britain GP | Lap 14/52 | Verstappen reports that something broke in the vehicle, because despite the change of tires it is difficult for him to drive.

Great Britain GP | Lap 12/52 | Verstappen clicks and Sainz manages to surpass him. The Redbull driver must enter the pits and falls to sixth place.

Great Britain GP | Return 10/52 | incredible. The two AlphaTauri drivers touch each other in a corner and go off the track. It was Tusnoda who upset Gasly.

Great Britain GP | Return 10/52 | Sainz makes a huge mistake because of the pressure, he can’t keep the car on the track and Verstappen is the new leader of the race.

Great Britain GP | Return 09/52 | Battle for him aim. Max presses and rolls much faster than Sainz.

Great Britain GP | Return 07/52 | Hamilton overtakes Norris and starts the attack on Leclerc.

Great Britain GP | Return 06/52 | Checo reports to his team that he has vibrations in the vehicle and must enter the pits and does a total change of the front cone.

Great Britain GP | Return 03/52 | The Great Britain GP resumes. This time Sainz comes out better and prevents Verstappen from overtaking him. Norris takes fifth place from Hamilton. Checo and Leclerc touch in the third corner and apparently the front part of the Mexican’s car suffers damage.

According to the official document, at 9:56 it resumes with 17 cars on the starting grid, the positions will return to the initial ones.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) reports that Alexander Albon and Guanyu Zhou were taken to hospital, both drivers are conscious and will be checked at the medical center.

After making sure that Zhou is fine, it has been possible to see the reiteration of what happened at the start. Impressive pictures of the accident in which Guanyu Zhou flew out and overcame the barrier.

Alfa Romeo reports that Zhou is fine. The pilot is conscious and was taken to the hospital.

The pilots get out of the single-seaters and go to the monitors to review what happened. Alert for Zhou’s condition after the capsize.

Great Britain GP | Return 01/52 | Great start for Verstappen, who takes the first position, but there is a collision that forces the red flag. Russel collides with Zhou, who hits tires and flips over. Albon and Tsunoda get involved in the accident and are left out.

08:52 | The pilots are already getting into the single-seaters, but before the local, Lewis Hamilton, warmed up the engines with a few words to the fans.

Carlos Sainz achieved his first pole nothing more and nothing less than beating Max Verstappen, but this Sunday he starts from scratch and the current champion will try to regain the privileged position from the start.

Sebastian Vettel is celebrating his 35th birthday with a helmet designed by his son and that includes congratulatory messages.

In half an hour the Great Britain Grand Prix starts and at Silverstone there is a motorsports atmosphere. The drivers take the traditional route in classic cars.

The sound of the engines is the best alarm clock for this Sunday. Formula 1 arrives at Silverstone, one of the temples of motorsport in which Carlos Sainz will start first after beating Max Verstappen in qualifying,