F1 2022: Qualy GP: Formula 1 British Grand Prix Qualifying

F1 2022 All the F1 actionQualy British Grand Prix F1 2022: results up to date. IT'S A FIRST POLE FOR CARLOS SAINZ!!! #BritishGP#F1pic.twitter.com/v

F1 2022 All the F1 action

Qualy British Grand Prix F1 2022: results up to date.

Q3 | 1:50 | The track keeps getting better. Verstappen and Hamilton are 1 and 2.

Q3 | 4:15 | Hamiltosn will finish who manages to place second. Checo Prez finished fifth and Lecrerc’s performance was very good.

Q3 | 6:20 | Lecrerc, Verstappen in the front row. Great time for Alonso who seems to want to repeat what he did in Canada.

Q3 | 8:37 | Verstappen spin! But he manages to control the vehicle. Alonso is first.

Q3 | 10:43 | Better weather, therefore there is better visibility. Fernando Alonso and Latifi start with a used intermediate tire, but they warn the drivers that by the end of this qualifier, it could rain again.





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Q2 | 1:00 | The rain begins to be protagonist. Latifi fights to be tenth.

Q2 | 3:40 | Verstappen keeps four tenths. Checo Prez remains in the top 10 group. The conditions on the track begin to complicate.

Q2 | 6:10 | Great drainage of the Silverstone track that has drained wonderfully with the rain that occurs at this time. Sainz leaves the danger zone, climbs to fourth position.

Q2 | 09:45 | Verstappen has another great time. Hamilton and Leclerc follow.

Q2 | 11:00 | Russell and Hamilton come out!

Q2 | 15:00 | Latifi is the first in line to go shooting. It continues to rain on the Silverstone track, although with much less intensity.






Q1 | 01:42 | Hamiltons continues to rise and is now second in Q1. Russell is fifth.

Q1 | 06:40 | Verstappen! With mark of 1:40.452. The Dutch take first place, Czech falls to fourth.

Q1 | 16:15 | All the cars take to the track on intermediate tires and will soon start setting times.

Good morning and welcome to the direct of the classification of the Great Britain GP 2022. It is one of the fastest circuits and emblematic of the entire calendar. A clear challenge for all the drivers in this classification will be the weather, as there is the threat of rain, so it is possible that this qualifier will be full of surprises.