F1: Ferrari will present engine upgrades at Spa, just before its freeze until 2026

Ferrari will continue to present technical improvements "until the last moment" this year, confirmed Mattia Binotto. It is that from September 1 (

will continue to present technical improvements “until the last moment” this year, confirmed . It is that from September 1 (just after the race in Belgium) the development of the and the energy storage system will be frozen until 2026. “We expect improvements in the that can help us during the entire period of freezing the motor; we are working hard, but it will not be a turning point”, Binotto stopped.

The Swiss acknowledges that changes to parts of the power unit at Ferrari have so far been due more to necessity than to strategic issues. However, he cited the case of Mercedes and Hamilton at the end of 2021 as an example that this situation could turn out to be favorable for the Ferrari championship.

Red Bull also plans to penalize grid positions in Belgium or Italy to refresh the power units for the end of the year, according to the loquacious Helmut Marko. It is that later difficult comeback circuits arrive, such as Marina Bay, before the final sint of Grand Prix that will define the 2022 championship.