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F1 | FIA gets tough on flexible rear wings

After a 2021 season marked by controversy, both on and off the track, the FIA ​​wants to limit the legal loopholes as much as possible in the new regulation that can be used by the teams to gain benefits. And for now has started by keeping an eye on the ailerons, one of the elements that generated the most controversy in the last championship.

The culminating moment came with the complaint from Red Bull, slipping that the rear wing of Mercedes flexed illegally. The energetics pointed out that the star mark made its wing reduce the load at high speeds to return to its normal position in the curves. They added that the marks left by the system on the end plate They ratted out the Germans. Even Verstappen was encouraged to check first-hand if that was true, what an economic fine cost him for touching Lewis Hamilton’s car

The FIA ​​took out the magnifying glass and assures that it did not find anything strange, but Nikolas Tombazis, technical director of the International, does not want any more problems and warns that he carefully monitor the matter: “We found nothing that was concerning. It wasn’t a bad test. but it can be improved, so we are thinking about how to make some improvements for 2022“.

With the arrival of the new technical regulations, F1 pursues more even races, so that the cars can follow each other more easily and for this, aerodynamics is key. And the rear wings are already, with the championship not yet started, in the eye of the hurricane.

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