F1: hardly anyone brings improvements to Imola for the Qualy to the Sprint

The Sprint, a hybrid that neither excites nor contributesNeither Ferrari, nor (mostly) Mercedes, nor Red Bull will bring substantial

The , a hybrid that neither excites nor contributes

Neither , nor (mostly) , nor will bring substantial improvements to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The reason is that, because of the Sprint, the cars go into parc fermé for the rest of the weekend from Qualy on Friday, argued Christian Horner, Austrian team boss.

“I wouldn’t say we’re going to bring a big upgrade package, it’s just part of the evolution. Being a sprint qualifying, you have very little time to evaluate these things. There’s only one practice and then there’s Qualifying, so you have to have a lot of confidence in what you put on the car”, pointed out the Englishman.

On Sprint Qualifying dates, teams only have sixty minutes to ‘set up’ the car. On Saturday they have another hour of Free Practice, but you can only test the race pace and the differences between the tire compounds.

Haas and the pack

Meanwhile, the voices that cry out against Haas’ ‘Ferrari B’ continue to rise, with more justification than ever. Nothing has changed in this regard since Haas entered , but as most of the time they fought at the bottom of the table, nobody cared.

This year they started fighting in the second pack, to the fury of teams like Alpine, Alpha Tauri and McLaren, each with their performance and/or reliability issues. However, already in the third race the advantage of the Ferrari-powered teams seems to have diminished a lot, and the American team returned to the back of the grid. Alfa Romeo’s performance seems to suggest that what I just described is trending.

However, several teams asked the FIA ​​for “clarification” on the collaboration between riders and customers. It is known, Haas buys everything that the regulations allow; even the chassis, which must be an individual design, is entrusted to Dallara (manufacturer for IndyCar, F2 and F3, among other categories). But in addition, dozens of engineers and mechanics that Ferrari had to discharge from his team due to the budget limit went to the new Haas factory… installed inside Maranello and directed by Simone Resta, former technical director of the Scuderia.

It was Toto Wolff, sibylline and crybaby like few others in F1, who praised Haas’ leap in performance: “Let’s say they’ve made a leap… interesting. It’s something we need to look at because as an organization we have two thousand people working and we’ve had great successes in the recent past…and now we find ourselves struggling with a much smaller team. They must have done a super job!”, ironically the Austrian from Mercedes.

But the team most irritated by Haas’ performances is McLaren. Andreas Seidl assures that “This is a matter of principle, not our current situation or that of Haas. In F1 there should be no transfer of intellectual property linked to performance. At most you can share engine and change, but nothing more. We know it’s a very difficult thing to control, but it should be banned because it makes the ‘B’ teams overly competitive while allowing the ‘A’ teams to benefit. And both things are worrying for us, ”he alleged.

, Haas numen, has responded that “The governance of Formula 1 is the one who must make and modify the rules, and Andreas does not direct the FIA. Mercedes has had a superior engine for eight years, but no one said the rules should be changed because they were winning everything,” he argued.