F1: “In 2022 the differences between teams will be tenths, not seconds”

Jock clear, Charcles Leclerc's track engineer at Scuderia Ferrari, believes that in 2022 Formula 1 it will be even tighter than in this crazy 2021

, Charcles Leclerc’s track engineer at Scuderia Ferrari, believes that in 2022 Formula 1 it will be even tighter than in this crazy 2021 championship. With next year’s revolutionary rule change, Clear envisions, the distances between the teams They will no longer be seconds, but tenths, which will put the drivers more in the foreground if possible: a Williams or an Alfa Romeo, with a good day and a bit of fortune, could get podiums or even dream of a crazy victory without leaving the bottom of the table.

“It is impossible to predict what will happen in 2022. You cannot know what all your rivals are doing nor do you know what the other pilots may be capable of, you only have your information. The order will depend on the weapons with which it comes. each team and I have no idea what they can be. Ferrari should be at the top, “declared Clear to Beyond The Grid, the official podcast of Formula 1.

“We have a lot of respect for all the teams, we know that they are capable of many things. There will no longer be seconds differences between the grid, the last ones will not be five seconds away and in a tenth there may be up to six pilots. We’re going to have a desperately tight Formula 1 “, graphic. Clear believes that in 2022 the regulations will allow the small teams to fight the big ones.

“If the drivers don’t take full advantage of the performance of their car on a track, they can pay for it really dearly in terms of positions. Losing a tenth on your fastest lap can drop the driver up to five positions and therefore, being very far from the ideal place, “added Clear. Drivers’ ears burn too much ‘racing’ and without spice on a lap, such as ‘Checo’ Pérez.

Is an as unpredictable as the IndyCar? An equality of performances like that of the American single-seater championship would be much more fierce in F1. In the fascinating category governed by Captain Penske, top pilots eventually coexist at world level or who were in their best moments (such as the great or his contemporary Will Power) with pilots who triumph there after very poor performances in the FIA ​​categories ( the brilliant Josef Newgarden) and even infamous pilots like Santino Ferruci, passing through unpredictable kamikazes like the ineffable (and legendary) Takuma Sato.

In an F1 with parity of performances ‘alla IndyCar’ (which is the dream of Liberty Media and the one of whom this signs, on the other hand), on the other hand, pilots like Mazepin or Latifi would not have any chance of being competitive, but other pilots from the background, such as , it might surprise how young people in North America have done this year (Spanish and Duck O’Ward (Mexican), main candidates for the IndyCar title, although not to the point of fighting the title like them.

By the way: this Saturday at 13.30, the famished F1 can emerge vice with the race of IndyCar in Indianapolis (They share the bill for the only time in the year with Nascar). O’Ward, McLaren driver (who participates in the championship) took pole, and the pointer Palou will start sixth, despite finishing the Qualy one tenth behind his rival. It was also seen in this Qualy the difference in level in favor of the FIA ​​pilots that can be appreciated every time a pilot ‘from here’ goes to compete with those from North America: Christian lundgaardA good F2 and Alpine Academy driver, he qualified fourth on his debut in the other ‘Grade A’ single-seater championship in the world.