F1 Manager 22: Tips and tricks guide to start your game well

There is no doubt that F1 Manager 22 It is one of the surprises of the year. Incredible graphics for a sports management game, a more than intere

There is no doubt that F1 Manager 22 It is one of the surprises of the year. Incredible graphics for a sports management game, a more than interesting depth without neglecting accessibility and an effort at the level of licenses never seen before; there is no doubt that it makes perfect sense that the Formula 1 fan community is obsessed with the Frontier title.

However, and despite the fact that it is quite accessible, it is more than possible that you may not find it so easy to go from traditional flyers to making decisions in offices. For this reason, we bring you a guide with a few tips and tricks so that the start in your team will not be as complicated as it seems from the outside.

Work the long term

Unless you choose Ferrari or Red Bull, you are probably not in a position to fight for the drivers’ or constructors’ championship. They are monsters with a lot of money, facilities and personnel of the highest level. This makes it unfeasible to beat them with an immediate investment in a new wing, or a flashy new signing. Thus, we recommend that you start thinking in the long term:

  • On most computers the second pilot must be changed by a young man with projection. The sooner you give the youngsters gallons, the sooner they will develop. If you can’t pay Verstappen, create it yourself.
  • If we go to facilities, we recommend you improve three in particular as soon as possible: Factory, Design Center and Tourist Tour. The first two are expensive, but they will improve the number of projects you can develop simultaneously and their speed. The third will simply give you more and more money on a monthly basis, so the sooner the better.
  • Check your employees. Investing in better employees can be crucial to improving the car. If they have a year left and they have a pretty mediocre average, don’t hesitate to pay their severance pay and bring in another senior aerodynamics engineer, for example.

Prepare the races in the best way

You will soon realize that F1 Manager is the sum of two parts: management off the tarmac… and management on it. The second case is a bit more complicated, because it will ask you to make decisions before the races and classifications, as well as in between them, with the additional pressure that this implies. However, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. We give you some keys:

  • Setting adjustment is very important. This minigame of bars will make the better the angles of the wings and other parts are arranged, the faster your car will be on that circuit. If he feedback of the pilot is bad, he will need big changes, if he is good, medium, if he is great, small; and if he is optimal, don’t touch him!.
  • Try that your pilots do not have the same strategies. This is important so they don’t have to pit on the same lap, which is impossible for your engineers to manage. Also, having different strategies and tires allows you some flexibility.
  • Involvement pays off: You can simulate practice and qualifying, but it’s not optimal. If you simulate the practices, you will have a feedback report of settings; but if you “play” it, you can get two. In the same way, if you simulate qualifying your team will stay in the natural position, but playing it, you can choose when to start, the tires and more additional details.

Risk at the beginning

F1 Manager 22

It is often said that the first laps are the most decisive in Formula 1. Unlike Moto GP, it is much more difficult to overtake, so you have to take advantage when you are really close to your rivals: at the start and in the first few laps.

In order not to waste time stopping the race after the first minutes of the start, we recommend that you do the following on the strategy and preparation screen: use maximum tires, consume maximum gas and put the ERS in overtaking mode. In this way, you ensure a good start, or at least give it your all.

And don’t be afraid. Even if you are told that you are going to run out of fuel, or that the tires are wearing out, there is always time for moderation. In the first laps, the DRS is activated, the movement of the rear wing, which will allow you to save a few liters during the many laps you will do, just as you can take advantage of the safety cars to take care of the tires or load the ERS.

Invest in the future

F1 Manager 22

Formula 1, fast-paced as it may seem, is a long-term career. Several votes on the rule changes will be arriving in your mail soon. This is important, because each season there will be pieces that become obsolete, and that allow tabula rasa to all teams. In this way, it seeks to increase equality between the teams.

If you are a team from the lower zone, always bet on the changes that benefit you, such as the most drastic aerodynamic adjustments, or changes in the score that do not benefit those on the podium. It may seem silly, but this will allow you to make a bigger leap with the next season.

By the way, once the new rules are closed, you will be able to research the new parts. We recommend you investigate each part (wings, pontoons, chassis, suspension…) at least oncebecause the first time you do it, you will greatly improve the performance of the next car, as well as the first new part designed during the next season.

For a few years now, Formula 1 has been one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. The reason? Enhance what you already have. Just what F1 Manager does.