F1: McLaren announced improvements for debut, Honda tackles power loss

McLaren announced that it will bring an upgrade package at the start of the F1 championship. It's the product of the team's decision to make fewer

announced that it will bring an upgrade package at the start of the championship. It’s the product of the team’s decision to make fewer parts and invest more in development: depending on which margins we’re talking about, it could be a short blanket problem if Norris and Ricciardo collide a lot this year, which will partly depend on the car’s driveability.

Piers Thynne, Director of Operations of the English team, acknowledges that it is quite a “…Cultural change, but it will allow greater flexibility to study updates. While in the past we would have manufactured five or six spare parts, we will now have five, in the event that we had four or five, we would drop to four”, he exemplified.

“Where there are multiple set-up options for a piece, we will look at rationalizing those choices in collaboration with the race engineers to make sure we provide the choices they will want to use instead of the choices they might want to use because every dollar counts and we have to make sure we spend wisely,” he added.

Due to the rule change, the team has had an extra twenty percent of work. Despite everything, they will arrive with the first package of improvements to the World Cup debut “And there is much more to come. We are going to take slightly different approaches this year to ensure we have production capacity and are able to respond to aerodynamic developments. That will be the key to success this year”, summarized Thynne.

For its part, Honda, which left F1 but did not withdraw from , continues to be the motorist that most cuts off before the start of pre-season due to the loss of power due to the incorporation of E10 fuel. While and Ferrari have been cackling for a long time that they have already covered the loss of twenty or twenty-five horses (and completely renewed their engines in recent months), Honda will present in 2022 an evolution of the 2021 car, which has already suffered to keep the Mercedes behind in level playing field at the end of last year.

Will these differences deepen? Will there be a rival for Mercedes if Honda defects and Ferrari does not give its chest with its new chassis? One thing is for sure: while in the early years of the V6 Turbo Hybrid Era, having the Mercedes engine was enough to fight quietly in the upper half of the grid, what has been seen lately is that the engine alone is no longer enough for those jogs; suffered a lot at the end of the year.

In this context, Yasuaki Asagi, manager of the Honda power plant, assures that the true loss of power “is a secret”. However, the switch to E10 fuel also brought benefits. Although the architecture of the engine had to be modified to adapt it to the E10, now “abnormal combustion (which generates a knocking in the car) will be easier to control.”