F1 project advances in Cancun – Luces del Siglo

The Cancun F1 Grand Prix project aims to be erected in a place very close to the sea of ​​Quintana Roo. DIEGO Martí

  • The Cancun F1 Grand Prix project aims to be erected in a place very close to the sea of ​​Quintana Roo.

MEXICO CITY.- Formula One fans will be able to enjoy the turquoise of the Mexican Caribbean from the stands.

The project for the F1 Cancun Grand Prix aims to be erected in a place very close to the Quintana Roo sea, and includes, in addition to the construction of the racetrack, the construction of a marina, golf course, hotel and many other amenities.

The site where the project is to be built has not been disclosed, due to capital gains, but the REFORMA group had access to some details.

“I’m going to advance you a little bit: If we achieve the Formula One dates and do the work, at the work we are going to go first to the flat, the track, then what follows: the marina, all the development; You will already know it, it is a wonderful project, it is a beauty, one of the most beautiful road courses ”, revealed the deputy Antonio Pérez Garibay, father of the pilot Sergio Pérez.

Those in charge of the construction have already carried out other F1 circuits. The plan is that, upon receiving the green light from F1 and FIA, the track will be built, although foreign investors, from the United Arab Emirates Fund, are very interested in development in general.

“They (foreigners) are the least interested in the racetrack, but rather the development of the project: the golf course, the towers, the marina, it will be a very nice concept, and they have already done racetracks and it has been left to them. the desert”.

-Then, will it be close to the sea?

“Yes, we are touching the sea, the water, you can see blue water from the stands, it is a beauty. We cannot say anything about the land, where it is, because it becomes more expensive; people are waiting for a street circuit, and they don’t know what it is about, we are in a low profile ”.

In terms of permits, there was already a change in the original plan, as it collided with ecological issues.

“Now Semarnat and all the government issues have intervened, and we are doing the whole survey, because it seems that there was a delicate area and we do not want to get involved in anything ecological, and we are only walking a little from the foreground,” added the legislator.


– Antonio Pérez Garibay, together with Mexican and foreign investors, will deliver a letter of intent and commitment to the presidents of the FIA ​​and F1 within the framework of the CDMX Grand Prix.

– They must also deliver to OMDAI FIA Mexico that letter of intent to formally request a second Formula One date for Mexico.

– They intend to tie dates in the calendar from 2024 or 2025, and will seek an agreement for five years.

– The official announcement that there would be a GP in Cancun on the F1 calendar is intended to be prior to the start of the 2022 season.

– If they receive the green light with the dates, they would begin to build the track and the racetrack in the first half of the following year.

– The land where the project is planned to be built are in Quintana Roo and very close to the sea. They have already checked with Semarnat that there are no problems of an ecological nature.

– The second part of the project would be to build a marina, golf courses, hotel and amenities.

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