F1 sporting director Ross Brawn doesn’t think Carlos Sainz was the best driver in Turkey

Published: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 17

The Formula awards in each race the award to the best driver of the same. At the Turkish Grand Prix, for the first time for him, Carlos Sainz took the award.

The Spaniard started from the penultimate position on the grid and finished eighth. An unforgettable comeback in which, especially in the first section of the race, he did not stop overtaking rivals.

This feat of the Spanish Ferrari has not convinced Ross Brawn, F1 sports director, who in his usual column after each race has preferred Valtteri Bottas over Sainz.

This is how he explains it: “My driver of the day at Valtteri Bottas. He was not wrong at any time in a race with very difficult conditions.”

“Mercedes had a very good car, but he made the most of it and was never threatened by anyone behind. In these kinds of situations, it’s easy to make mistakes, but he did a brilliant job,” he argues.

Brawn, in fact, doesn’t even mention Sainz in his article. Yes to his partner, Charles Leclerc, although to praise the work of Sergio Pérez, who finished third.

F1 gave the award to Sainz, but Brawn seems to disagree with it very much. What there is no doubt is that the performance of the Ferrari will always remain in his memory for being one of the great comebacks of his entire career.