F1: the day Schumacher matched Fangio at the French GP

20 years ago, Michael Schumacher equaled the record of five world championships in Formula 1 that he owned Juan Manuel Fangiothe only driver, un

20 years ago, equaled the record of five world championships in that he owned the only driver, until then, who had reached that number of titles obtained in the history of the highest category.

The German driver was victorious with the team ferrari in the which at that time was disputed in the circuit of Magny-Coursand in advance, in the absence of six dates for the closing of the championship, he achieved this epic that seemed impossible to achieve.

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In this competition that was played on the French circuit, Schumacher won the race after overtaking in the last four laps Kimi raikkonenwho was leading the race, but made a mistake under braking at the Adelaide corner, allowing the German to take the lead and win, escorted by the Finn and by David Coulthardboth from the team Mclaren-Mercedes.

Juan Manuel Fangio won the five world titles in the seasons 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957and disputed only 51 races in the highest category during the nine years in which he was active.

While Michael Schumacher He won this fifth title, out of seven that he would get years later, in his 61st victory of the 173 Grand Prix contested up to that moment in the Formula 1.

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This fifth medal was the third in a row won by the German driver, as he had previously won the world championships in the 2000 and 2001both also with the team ferrari.