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Fabio Quartararo will get into a Mercedes F1

Already in 2021, at the end of the MotoGP season, Fabio was present at the historic Abu Dhabi GP in which the championship was decided. At that moment the Frenchman expressed his desire to be able to get into one of the cars of the German brand. But this weekend it seems that everything has gone a step further and in fact, as I recognized before the DAZN microphones, they are working together so that they can get into the car at the end of the year.

For now there is only a declaration of intent, it seems from both parties, which in a way could revive what we already saw in 2019 with Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton exchanging their machines. We know that Hamilton is a great fan of motorcycles and that he was not bad in the M1 GP, so why not a reissue but now with Fabio at the wheel? We will have to wait a few months to find out how events unfold and if Quartararo joins Rossi, Lorenzo, Márquez, Pedrosa or Doohan in the list of drivers in the premier class to test an F1. That yes, in any case the difficult thing (not to say impossible) will be to see Fabio do a Surtees or a Hailwood. The current times are very different, although due to age Fabio still has time for that and much more. He has already restored honor to France in MotoGP, maybe one day he will do it in F1…

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