Falcao, MMA legend, murdered outside a bar in Brazil

Published: Monday, 24 January, 2022 13:2

The world of fighting, and sports in general, is in mourning. One of the great legends of mixed martial arts, Maiquel Falcao, has been killed outside a bar in her hometown of Pelotas (Brazil), after receiving several stab wounds to the stomach.

The fighter, who was part of important companies such as the UFC or Bellator, has lost his life at 40 years of age. The Brazilian was quickly transferred by the doctors to the Hospital de Pronto-Socorro, but they could do nothing given the seriousness of the injuries.

From Brazil, the media reports that police officers are investigating who may have caused Falcao’s death, as well as their motives for doing so.

“Maiquel Falcao was found around 3:45 a.m. with two cuts to his abdomen, in front of a bar on Rua Major Francisco Nunes de Souza. No witnesses have been named and we still do not have a cell phone. Fragments of glass next to the body, we believe he was stabbed,” an agent told ‘GZH Segurança’.

Falcao left Bellator after a major street fight and assaulting a woman, going on to fight in KSW, M-1 Global and Fight Nights Global.

The Brazilian’s statistics as a fighter are truly record-breaking. Falcao played a total of 60 fights, accumulating 40 victories.