Fans ask to take his Formula 1 title from Max Verstappen

Hobby Mexico City / 03.01.2022 18:58:28 The controversy over the Max Verstappen championship in Formula 1 c

Mexico City / 03.01.2022 18:58:28

The controversy over the championship in continues, as a person in England asked for the result of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to be annulled because Lewis Hamilton “deserved to be the winner”.

Through the change.org platform, Patel Gordon-Bennett was tasked with creating the petition and demanded that the Dutchman be revoked from his world championship.

“There was no justice on Sunday, December 12, 2021 when the Stewards of the International Automobile Federation denied Lewis Hamilton the win. There was less than one lap left, those cars with one lap less were allowed to overtake the Safety Car, which that it does not comply with the Formula 1 regulations, “the petition reads.

Similarly, the British wrote in the petition that the Commissioners’ decision is sending the wrong message to future pilots, since they are in charge of “fairness and honesty” in the competition.

So far, the petition collects 62,417 signatures within three weeks of Patel-Gordon Bennett posting it on change.org.