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Fernando Alonso does not like anything about the current F1

07/23/2022 at 08:00


The Asturian has been especially critical of the new batch of fans of the competition

The ex of Ferrari and McLaren has established a comparison of these with the world of football

rider, has harshly criticized the new fan movement that has erupted in recent years: “The fans we have now are new fans and in a way, and I don’t want to disrespect them, but they don’t know much.”.

The Asturian, who did not hesitate to contribute his vision of F1 in an interview for The Racenoted the following: “Now there are 50% new viewersand he’s never seen Alonso fight for podiums and wins.” “So now you come back, and it’s not like ‘who is this guy?’, but you know, “what are you bringing to Formula 1?”“, he sentenced.

The former Ferrari or McLaren spoke of the improvement of Alpine in the last tests of the World Cup: “Weekends like Canada or the second part of last year, I think they can feel that I can still add something to this sport.”.

Keep in line with the latest tests

Alonso has added consecutively in the last six races, where he has achieved a total of 27 of the 29 points of the season. With fifth place in the British Grand Prixthe Asturian confirmed the obvious improvements of his single-seater.

The Spaniard has established himself in the top 10 ahead of Magnussen and just behind Valtteri Bottas (46) and his teammate Stephen Ocon (52). Alpine is obviously far from its goal: compete with Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

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