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Fernando Alonso explains what legacy he wants to leave after retiring from Formula 1

Fernando Alonso is a living legend of Formula 1. The Asturian driver is two-time world champion but he still wants to compete “two or three more years”. Now, in a video posted on Alpine’s social media, he has revealed what legacy he would like to leave when he retires.

“My hope is to leave something to the sport that gave me so much, and to the country as well,” Alonso confessed. The one from Alpine has always been very grateful for the support he has received, not only from Spanish fans, but from all lovers of the motor world.

“I’ve had tremendous support from all over the world,” he said. The two-time world champion also considers that he has had that necessary bit of luck in the highest category of motorsport: “I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to race in F1 and, later, to have a fast car, to be a champion.”

His goal when he stops competing in the ‘Great Circus’ is clear: “Now, thanks to that ‘background’, those experiences, the contacts that I have… if I can help young talents and that they have at least the possibility to get to compete, I have to do it”.

“It’s an individual sport, you’re alone in the car, but if I can help them achieve their dreams, I’ll be very happy,” concluded the Asturian Alpine driver, publicly showing his most generous version.

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