Fernando Alonso’s Formula 1, exhibited in Vigo

Fernando Alonso's Formula 1 is currently on display in Vigo. Yesterday, the Rodosa dealership s

Fernando ’s 1 is currently on display in . Yesterday, Rodosa dealership started an event focused on the Alpine brand that will continue today in which, in its facilities on Madrid Avenue, in addition to the Asturian’s single-seater, a Formula 1 simulator can be used in addition to an Alpine product store.

With this event, the dealer inaugurates the first Alpine center in Galicia, focused on this brand founded in 1955 by the pilot Jean Rédélé, who currently markets the reinterpretation of the A110, an innovative sports car, but which at the same time remains faithful to the original concept that reminds to the saloon of the 1960s. The occasion was also used to present the new A110 GT models, the Gran Turismo sports coupé in the range, and the A110 S, which sits at the top of the range. Rodosa is thus positioned as the only Galician dealer to market these cars.

Fernando Alonso’s single-seater, exhibited in Rodosa.

With these vehicles, the brand recovers its most current face after, as part of its strategy, the Alpine F1 Team was created in 2021, whose official drivers are Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, who in just a few days will present (February 21) the single-seater with which they will compete in the 2022 World Cup.

For the moment, the vehicle with which they competed in the previous season will be present in Vigo for one more day in Rodosa.