Fernando Alonso’s intentional message to F1 that can give him a place in the British Grand Prix

There will be drivers with better, more reliable or faster cars, but few if any have the skills and mischief to Fernando Alonso to take advantage o

There will be drivers with better, more reliable or faster cars, but few if any have the skills and mischief to to take advantage of all the moments of the race in which to get an advantage.

The F1 British Grand Prix has been crazy from the beginning, with Zhou’s dramatic accident until the exit of the Safety car several times, which has determined positions at the head of the race, in which Carlos Sainz was finally looking the jackpot until he hit it.

Not far from there, without making much noise and while his partner Stephen Ocon I saw how the car did not respond to him, Fernando Alonso has been cutting positions until reaching the top positions. The best thing was when he achieved fifth place, in the final stretch of the race, with the Safety car stopping the cars and without them being able to press the accelerator, but not in all places of the race. Fernando Alonso has finished fifth, but watch out because he has been tough with F1 and expects more: I hope to be fourth, because Charles Leclerc moved 3 or 4 times fighting with Hamilton. I moved once in Canada and I received a 5-second penalty ”, he said, after the race, with all the intention

After saying it, the Spanish driver smiles to imply that his message is not very serious, but not very joking either. Fernando is not happy with some of the decisions that have been made this season and he considers that something unfair has been done to him.

In the race, if they don’t harm him, he shows that he knows them all. There is an area where you can accelerate without breaking the rules of the race and that has done Alonso to, by very little, leave behind lando norris and look for positions later, in a spectacular race.

In the end, the Spaniard from Alpine got a magnificent performance out of his car and managed to finish fifth at Silverstone, a phenomenal position that is a boost to Alpine. The French team arrived at this Grand Prix with several variations in the cars and despite the disappointment of seeing how Ocon did not achieve reliability in his, the race of Alonso confirms that the French team is working well so that the next races will continue to see Fernando Alonso among the drivers fighting for positions close to the podium.

If the car continues to evolve and if the decisions of the leaders of the competition are not taken with Fernando Alonso, it will be necessary to pay close attention to what the Asturian driver can do in the following races. With Carlos Sainz already with a Grand Prix and with Alonso’s experience and good handling in all circumstances, F1 becomes more than exciting for Spanish fans, with two drivers with different characteristics, but with the same hunger to fight for everything.