Ferrari celebrates Mick Schumacher’s progress in F1: when will his time come?

Published: Monday, October 18, 2021 20:08

Mick Schumacher is “confirming his speed” in his first season as a Formula 1 driver. Despite the Haas’ limitations, the young German is giving it his all in his rookie year.

And at Ferrari, a team to which he continues to belong and where his father, Michael Schumacher, made history, they are very satisfied with his performance.

Laurent Mekies, Ferrari sports director, is convinced that his “growth” will continue and he will be “even stronger” in a team with which he can compete with other drivers.

“In his debut campaign in F1, Mick is confirming the speed and values ​​that made him stand out in his entire previous youth career. Speed, determination, effort and a desire to learn,” Mekies says of the young German.

Mick is one of the great hopes in Maranello for the future of F1: “These are some of the characteristics that he had revealed within our Academy and that he has begun to demonstrate with Haas as well.”

“We are very confident that his growth will continue and will be even stronger in a team with which he shares ambitions,” concluded Mekies.