Ferrari has a sponsor for Formula One

Bank Santander he has announced that will sponsor to the team Ferrari from Formula 1, in the that will have a presence relevant in the single seate

Bank Santander he has announced that will sponsor to the team Ferrari from Formula 1, in the that will have a presence relevant in the single seater, the equipement from race and the Cap, and that will advise to theScuderiain the objective from achieve to be neutral in emissions from carbon in 2030.

Bank Santander already formed part from the Formula 1 from 2007 to 2017 and signed a alliance with Ferrari from 2010. What’s more from in Formula 1, Santander too is one from the main sponsors from football from Europe and Latin America.

Nowadays is the sponsor principal from The league Santander in Spain and one from the main from the Conmebol Liberators. Santander too collaborate with multiple sports popular in their markets from Europe and America.

The Formula 1 is one from the sports with higher number from followers of world. Has a audience accumulated from one.500 millions in 2021, according Nielsen, from the that near from the half this in the markets of Bank in Europe (Spain, Kingdom United, Germany, France, Italy, Come in others) and America (Brazil, Mexico, state United).

For the next year from 2022 I know they have confirmed 23 Big Awards and various will have place in the markets main from Santander. Santander it was in 2020 the first Bank of world in financing from energies renewable and his business from banking from investment (Santander CIB) has equipment specialized in advise to big customers in his transition green.

The entity is too neutral in carbon in his activity from 2020 and has the ambition from attain zero emissions net for all the emissions from their customers derivatives from anyone from the services from financing, advice or investment that offers Santander in 2050. What’s more, the business of Bank from financing from automobiles in Europe (Santander Consumer Finance), state United (Santander Consumer USES) and others markets is it so supporting the developing from solutions from mobility sustainable.

“It is an honor to have as a partner a global financial leader such as Banco Santander, which also stands out for its responsible banking”John elkannPresident of Ferrari

The Chairwoman from Bank Santander, Ana Booty, confessed that you doesa lot delusionreturn to to work with Ferrari and support them in his transitiongreen‘. “Santander this engaged in the struggle against the change climate and, What financial from cars Leader in Europe, we want help to that the industry of car be sustainable. Is alliance with Ferrari will speed up the developing from both companies in this ambit“, commented.

For his part, the President from Ferrari, John Elkann, declared that is ahonorhave What partner to a Leader financial global What Bank Santander, that furtherstand out for his banking responsable, his leadership world in the financing from energies renewable and the advice in Projects IS G (factors environmental, social and from government corporate) “.

Efficiency improvement

Since 2014, the fuel efficiency of Formula 1 cars has improved by 50%.

You we appreciate his support for achieve our objective priority from attain the neutrality from carbon in 2030. The big innovations and advances technological from the F1 I know they move to all the industry, it that redunda in benefit from the society in his set“, added.

During 70 years, the Formula 1 and the investment from the equipment they have worked What Bank from evidence for Some advances technological, from aspects from aerodynamics until the design from the brakes, it that he has permitted to the sector of car fight the emissions from carbon.

From 2014, the efficiency of fuel from the single-seaters from Formula 1 they have improved a fifty%. In 2026, has provided introduce the new motor from Formula 1 (Unit from power hybrid from second generation), that will be neutral in emissions from carbon and carry fuel sustainable advanced.

Ferrari this rationalizing the operative Logistics from careers with less weight in transport and the elimination from the plastics from a only use, Come in other things. East year, Scuderia Ferrari achievement the Accreditation Environmental from three stars from the FIA.