Ferrari turns yellow

There are always special dates on the calendar and in the case of Ferrari, those days marked in red come this weekend with the Italian GP. The mos

There are always special dates on the calendar and in the case of Ferrari, those days marked in red come this weekend with the Italian GP. The most successful team in the history of Formula 1 meets its fans in what is usually one of the most anticipated parties in the transalpine territory, since the tifosi flood the stands of the mythical Monza track to enjoy the Great Circus of a different way. In yet another event on the calendar, the Scuderia fans turn it into a red-tinted show that on the asphalt, for this occasion, will look different from what has been known until now.

This same season Ferrari celebrates the 75th anniversary of its first creation developed for Formula 1. Those from Maranello entered the Grand Circus with the 125 S to give way to a history full of speed and success that was forged from 1974 until now. The background until 2022 is admirable: 16 constructors’ titles and 15 drivers’ titles, which have added value thanks to the exclusivity of being part of this team. Being part of Ferrari has always been the culmination of any race in the World Championship and the prestige remains intact as no one has managed to beat the numbers that will be held in Monza.

Those from Maranello will wear new colors at home, provisionally abandoning Ferrari red. In its celebration, the Scuderia will dye its single-seaters Giallo Modena, a yellow tone that honors the company’s shield and also the flag of the capital city of Emilia-Romañana, the region where its factory and the offices of the Formula 1 team.

The stage of the presentation has been their social networks. The yellow kit will be worn by all the members of the team during the grand prix and will give all the prominence to the reason why the Maranello team change their image: the 75 years of the Cavallino. The sponsorships remain intact as it could not be otherwise, but Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will dispense with the yellow (in the case of the Spanish) and white (in the case of the Monegasque) stripes, which represented their respective flags on the clothing traditional. This weekend everyone will feel part of Ferrari.

To finish perfecting the tribute, from Maranello they hope to be able to recover the sensations that they have been losing in the last appointments. The Scuderia will try to hit the table again and they know that Monza is the perfect setting to make a clean slate between now and the end of the season in seven races. Returning to winning ways is the only objective and Ferrari has the reference of Leclerc, when he won at home during the 2019 Italian GP. To know if you can be more ambitious, you will have to go race by race.