First function of the Boxing Tournament is held | Puebla Municipalities

Puebla, Pue.- This weekend performed the first function of the Puebla Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament 2022with a view to First Force National Champ

Puebla, Pue.- This weekend with a view to .

Next Saturday starts the Golden Gloves Boxing TournamentThe Golden Gloves boxing tournament starts in SeptemberHaving as headquarters the facilities of the CIPPC located in the Colonia Agua Santa, it was possible to appreciate in each category, children, , the performance of each boxer in their different divisions.

, recalled that the call was open to boxers over 13 and under 40, who will be able to compete in the different categories, with the intention of forming the state selection of the specialty.

He detailed that the remembering that all the contenders had to undergo previous medical examinations, in addition to abide by the decisions issued by the judges who will sanction the contest.

“During the first day many emotions were registered, since several combats ended by -referee suspends combat due to manifest superiority- (RSC). And in other battles for split decisions, giving priority to physical preparation, technique, tactics and performance in each match.

Finally, Antonio Rico, , starting at 12 noon, at the .

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