First solidarity golf tournament of the ESI Foundation

The Esport Solidari International Foundation (ESI), which presides Josep Maldonado, also president of the Penya Barcelonista de Coma-ruga, organizes next weekend the I Open ESI of solidarity golf, a solidarity golf tournament that will be held at the La Roca Golf course in a double day next Saturday and Sunday, days 16 and 17. Registration is still open.

Tournament poster


The tournament has the collaboration, among others, from Sport-Journal, the Agrupació Barça Jugadors, La Roca Village, Factorenergia, Maset or Damm, with the presence of some former Barça players. Prizes are foreseen in the categories scratch (winner), men’s lower and upper handicap (first two) and women’s handicap (first two). They are also provided Approach prizes in pairs three and a special prize if hole in one is made in the 3.

There will be Gift raffle provided by the sponsors, among them Sport-Journal, and above all the spirit of collaboration with ESI, a private foundation formed by people who believe in the importance of sport to help children and young people living in precarious and marginal situations. He works both in developing countries and in marginalized areas of developed countries. Part of the collection will go to projects of ESI.