Floyd Mayweather shows ‘young people how to work hard’ at 44 after ‘big rounds of boxing’ in comeback training

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is showing 'young people how to work hard' after 'big rounds of boxing' in training for his comeback. Mayweather is set to mark

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is showing ‘young people how to work hard’ after ‘big rounds of boxing’ in training for his comeback.

Mayweather is set to mark his return on February 20 in a display on top of the 700-foot Burj al Arab hotel HELIPAD in Dubai.


The American legend is still in negotiations with 20-year-old YouTuber Money Kicks, whose real name is Rashed Belhasa.

Mayweather has been training for the return in Miami and recently in Las Vegas, with his head trainer Gerald Tucker.

Tucker posted a video of Mayweather running with his training partner John Ingram on the Las Vegas Strip.

And he captioned the post: “Good run after great rounds of boxing and very high performance training.

“@floydmayweather showed the youngsters how to work hard today.”

Ingram posed with Mayweather after a training session, captioning it: “Good job learned a lot today.”


The retired boxing icon has been out of the game professionally since 2017 after beating UFC superstar Conor McGregor in ten rounds.

But exhibition comeback bouts have kept the billionaire undefeated in the gym and continue to add to his wealth.

The first was against 23-year-old Japanese featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve 2018.

Then two years later, 26-year-old American vlogger Logan Paul used his TWO-STONE advantage to take Mayweather to the finish.

The former five-weight world champion is now closing talks with Money Kicks, who has just ONE YEAR and two celebrity fights with boxing experience.

I am very optimistic, we will see him in the ring once again and we will put his undefeated and impeccable record on the line.

floyd mayweather trainer

But Coach Tucker admitted he’s hopeful Mayweather will truly come back and defend his unbroken 50-0 record.

He told SunSport: “I’m also optimistic that we can see Floyd fight one day.

“I’m not going to reveal any secrets or anything, I’m just hopeful, sorry.

“Nothing he’s said, just the way he looks in the gym and how easy it is for him to hit people in sparring.

“And I mean the guys who could become world champions in the next year or two.

“So yeah, I’m very optimistic we’ll see him in the ring one more time and we’ll put his undefeated and flawless record on the line.”

Floyd Mayweather will return on February 20 in Dubai