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To win these types of matches you also have to be lucky. —Ancelotti. (Real Madrid manager) The title of this column may seem unrelated to yo

To win these types of matches you also have to be lucky. —Ancelotti. (Real Madrid manager)

The title of this column may seem unrelated to you, but you will be surprised how the political class resembles the soccer. Indeed, I take as a starting point what has happened in the Champions League and the emblematic merengue team. I mean Real Madrid and his three comebacks that have led him to play the final next Saturday May 28 in Paris, facing Liverpool.

The coach is undoubtedly the simile of a political leader: without leadership there is no victory. The team is the other part of the win, because if there isn’t a good team or they don’t play well, they won’t be able to get the win.

So, for example, by team I mean the cabinet of a political leader, or in the case of Mexico, the presidential cabinet. In the cabinet you need a striker like Benzema who scores goals and a goalkeeper like Thibaut Courtois to stop all the projectiles of the rival team. Taking this analogy to the political plane, who in the presidential cabinet would be Benzema and who would be the doorman?

In the morning conferences, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He has been a universal player. For example, on different occasions, he has played the role of striker scoring goals, such was the case this week with the agreement with businessmen against inflation; but many times he has served as a goalkeeper stopping the mistakes that his cabinet makes.

The changes that the coaches make according to their strategy must work; Thus, for example, in the recent semifinal match between the soccer teams Real Madrid vs. Manchester City, the Real Madrid coach, Ancelotti, made several changes 20 minutes after the end of the game, one of them was striker Rodrygo Silva, who in 80 seconds scored the equalizing goals that gave them life and oxygen to reach overtime, then Benzema scored a penalty that gave the win.

Thus we see that few changes have been made in AMLO’s team, one of them has served him effectively as his political operator, I mean Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez. It is clear that some more changes are needed in the team, where there are players who no longer enjoy the sympathy of the fans and even the manager.

Undoubtedly, the soccer experience as in politics counts a lot to overcome adverse winds. As an example of this, we see the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard who has been tripped not only by the opposing team but by his own bench, as well as the player Ricardo Monreal.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the referee is essential to give legitimacy to the game or to the political contest, including the electoral Tribunal it could be the Video Referee Assistance (VAR), that is to say, the review on television by the referee of doubtful plays, which even get canceled or penalties are awarded.

The coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola is a clear example that having won a game, he lost it in just eighty seconds, minute 90 and 91 of the game; because the strategy of changes served Ancelotti better.

Thus, as in football, in politics the strategy counts and the changes too. The president has put on the field the players Marcelo Ebrard, claudia sheinbaum and Adam Augustus; but looking to position himself on the wings is the experienced Ricardo Monreal.

For this reason, the opposing team must be preparing its strategy so that, at the right time, it presents its best team and competes for the presidential chair. It is key that the players show their passion for their jersey on the pitch and the fans in the stands. So in politics as in soccer, the most important thing is and will be: love for the shirt, love for Mexico.

Lawyer and activist, Master in Criminal Sciences