Football belongs to the fans, by Santi Nolla

The unjust grudge that many profess to Pique On the contrary, it awakens a warm sympathy for a footballer punished for his anti-Madrid gestures, among others. In his close mercantile and personal relationship (Ruby/Geri) with the Federation there is no illicit act and if it were not for the arrogance in the answers, its innovative character would be valued. Pique he is a compulsive entrepreneur in too much of a hurry.

Everything he does would surely be applauded if he had retired. The problem is that he plays and does not accept being just a soccer player, which is what his millionaire salary tells him to be without further business adornments. But he is enterprising and in a hurry. If he would not wait calmly until he ceases to be the captain and central defender of Barça to start a career that promises to be brilliant in business. In the case of Federation the attitude of Ruby than Gery.

Another question is that he proposed to buy 49 percent of the Barca Corporate when the Barcawith Joseph Maria Bartomeu, put it up for sale. The president told him that he could not sell it to him because he contravened the code of ethics by being an employee of the club. From there, Pique sharpened his criticism of Bartomeu. The center-back also gave his opinion when the fiasco of the Superliga presentation occurred. “The club belongs to the fans,” he tweeted. But with Ruby devised a competition that prevented the Super Cup from being played in the Camp Nou or in Spain so that hobbies could be moved comfortably instead of in Saudi Arabiawhere women were prohibited from driving until very recently and now they can, although the classes are more expensive for them. Pique He is a guy with personality who gives the feeling of having lived with few hardships, with an enterprising spirit, friendly, with the soul of an entrepreneur and who only needs to reduce the rush to do ‘negoci’ (more ‘negoci’) when he retires from the football that has raised it.