Football fans buy via e-commerce ahead of Qatar

... This year will be the World Cup in Qatar and with it, purchases through e-commerce increase and Mexicans are among the buying hobbies. 6

This year will be the World Cup in Qatar and with it, purchases through e-commerce increase and Mexicans are among the buying hobbies.

  • 6 out of 10 Mexicans intend buy the official jersey of the Mexican National Team, according to data from Mercado Libre.

And it is that, according to Mercado Ads, sporting events drive purchases within the e-commerceduring the football finals the clothing and footwear multiply their sales, beer orders triple.

Football figures in products

  • 76% of Mexicans will buy any product related to the event.
  • 58% of users start do searches between one and three months before the opening match date.
  • 96% of Mexicans will watch the games from home and to do so, you will need some appliances.
  • 56% pretend buy air fryersmicrowave, palomeras and grills.
  • 43% plan to buy a new screen or sound system.

According to the company Euroamericas Sport Marketing together with Google and Amazon unveiled the top ten of the most requested t-shirts to September 1, 2022.

  1. Spain – two million 100 thousand shirts.
  2. Argentina – one million 850 thousand.
  3. France – one million 710 thousand.
  4. Mexico – one million 650 thousand.
  5. England – one million 570 thousand.
  6. Brazil – one million 430 thousand.
  7. Portugal – one million 144 thousand.
  8. Germany – one million 90 thousand.
  9. Japan – 995 thousand.
  10. United States – 975 thousand.
  • Two thousand 800 million dollars would be traded only for sale of t-shirts.
  • $1.4 billion was raised from the sale of shirts at the World Cup in Russia.

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The pandemic accelerated the incorporation of online sales in Mexico

In September 2020, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) organized a panel entitled “E-commerce and digital transformation in football”.

During his participation, Emilio Herrera, Marketing and Media Director of Rayados mentioned that two years before 2020 they had already used digital platforms to Present the club uniforms.

However, he acknowledges that they faced problems such as the product distribution.

When they introduced the anniversary uniform, it sold out in eight minutesdue to the number of connected fans and technology, it was not possible to provide a customer experience as expected.

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In this sense, Carlos Valenzuela, Commercial, Marketing and Communication Director of Club Tigres, said that they still had a lot to do on the subject of e-commerce (in 2020).

They were interested in providing an experience to the fan since they entered the online store, concluded the purchase, sent an email so that the buyer knew that their order was in preparation, the route and finally, boxing.

For us, Instagram has been the platform that has surprised us the most in terms of efficiency because it makes it easy for us to promote articles in a very organic way to the consumer.

We grew 120% compared to 2019 in sales directed from Instagram and to the e-commerce site or app.”

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Amazon has products from LaLiga football clubs

Earlier this year, it was announced that LaLiga had become the first football league to have a store on amazon to purchase products from the 13 clubs.

On that date, the store is only available for the countries of the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany. LaLiga will coordinate with each club to guarantee the production and availability of the products.

The clubs will have the infrastructure of Amazon, update their inventory and offer in the online store.