Football in Europe will move almost US $ 20 billion: what should be invested in

The Premier League is going to break a revenue record and will reach 39 percent of the total, billing more than 7 billion euros. The Spanish LaL

  • The Premier League is going to break a revenue record and will reach 39 percent of the total, billing more than 7 billion euros.
  • The Spanish LaLiga and the German Bundesliga will get half, with billings of 3.7 million and 3.6 million.
  • They are Deloitte estimates.

The “big five” of European football are recovering from the pandemic and preparing to reach a new record in income.

The five major leagues are estimated to end the 22/23 season with a turnover of 18.5 billion euros, 2.4 percent above the numbers of the pre-pandemic season, in which they had reached their historical record, with a figure joint global business of 17,300 million euros.

The Deloitte professional services network, in its annual investigation Annual Review of Football Finance 2022indicated that the Premier will continue to be the most relevant over the other leagues.

According to the report, in the current season the income of the English league will be above the total average by 39 percent, billing more than 7 billion euros.

This number will mark a growth of 11 percent compared to the 21/22 season, a championship that paid for the consequences of covid-19.

Second place in the European soccer leagues

One position below are the Spanish and German leagues with revenues becoming equal after the commercial boom that the Bundesliga reached in recent years.

Deloitte hopes that LaLiga will manage to regain second place in relation to the turnover of the big five this season, with revenues of 3,700 million euros.

On the side of the German tournament, the consultant says that it will fall back to third place, with a turnover of 3,600 million euros.

The analysis indicates that some of the sponsorship contracts, for example that of FC Barcelona with Spotify and Atlético de Madrid with WhaleFin, are going to be the key to the growth of the Spanish league over the Teutonic one.

Italy and France seek recovery

In relation to Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1, these will continue to be considerably removed from the other three major leagues. For researchers, they will not be able to reach pre-pandemic figures.

The Italian tournament has an estimated turnover of close to 2,450 million euros for the 22/23 season.

Further down, in last position, the French competition forecasts revenues of 1,790 million euros.

investment strategy

The report also points out the boom in terms of the injection of money into soccer clubs from investment groups.

Last year there were more than 15 operations inside the big five.

Of this number, 11 operations meant acquisitions of minority shares in the clubs, and the rest have been for the total control of a sports entity.

The analysis indicates that responsible and sustainable investments in clubs, defined as ownership strategies that protect long-term financial and operational capabilities, are highly important.

record attendance

The Premier and LaLiga have finished the previous season leading the average attendance in the stadiums of the big five of European football.

The data is impressive: the British tournament has registered an average attendance at its fields of play of almost 98 percent of the maximum capacity.

On the side of the Spanish league, the average attendance is above 70 percent of the allowed capacity, as indicated by analysis based on information from Transfermarkt.

The most important Spanish football competition will have a total in the 22/23 season that will exceed, it is estimated, 15 million fans, reaching its record in the history of the tournament.

It thus means an increase of 4 percent in the number of spectators gathered in the stadiums in relation to the 18/19 season, which was the last one completed before the pandemic.

Leading clubs in European football

The club that registered the highest number of spectators throughout the season that ended a few months ago was Manchester United, with an average of 73,100 spectators per game, in those played at home.

Old Trafford has a capacity of almost 74,900 fans, so the Red Devils have filled 98 per cent of the meetings there during the 21/22 season.

LaLiga, for its part, ended last season with a number of over 8.6 million spectators in the stadiums, despite having reduced capacity at the beginning of this 2022 due to the sixth wave of coronavirus.

The team that gathered the largest number of spectators in its stadium during the last tournament was FC Barcelona, ​​with an average of almost 54 thousand fans.

Similarly, the statistics do not compare with the average attendance that was recorded in the season prior to covid-19, at which time the culé team had an average of 75,000 fans at the Camp Nou.

Manchester United’s share price is well below last year’s high of $20. European football, fertile ground to invest. Investment.

Invest in Manchester United

Manchester United, FC Barcelona, ​​FC Bayern, Venezia FC and Paris Saint-Germain have led the fan averages in each of the major leagues during the 21/22 season.

Taking into account that most of these big clubs are publicly traded, buying Manchester United shares, for example, is a very good option.

Even more so knowing that the famous English club will at some point return to the forefront in its league and the potential growth in its value is enormous.

Specialists understand that in European football, Manchester United, today in the shadow of its rival, Manchester City, is a sleeping giant that when it wakes up will generate strong profits for those who have entered on time.