football players with college degrees

Many times there is cliche that the football players they only know kick a ball, but not always like this. There are Spanish soccer players, and f

Many times there is cliche that the they only know kick a ball, but not always like this. There are Spanish soccer players, and from all over the world, who have managed to combine their work as soccer players with their . Outside of training and matches, footballers usually have a lot of free time and some like Juan Mata or Chiellini have wanted to take advantage of it to carve out their future once they hang up their football boots.

The majority of footballers coincide in one of the hobbies that devastates any concentration: video games. These are young athletes, in many cases digital natives who were born with electronic devices under their arms and for whom it is normal to spend long hours playing. However, others opt for studies and thus there are several players who have completed a university career.

Which Spanish players have a university career?

One of the Spanish players who have passed through the university is Juan kill and, in addition, it has done it twice. The Asturian first finished his studies at INEF (Physical Activity and Sports Sciences) and then continued studying to also graduate in marketing. Mata coincided at Manchester United with Mjtarian, another player who combined sports with studies, in his case with Economics. It seems that when he finishes his football career, he will not have a hard time finding a job.

Long before Mata was born, the great Jose Martinez ‘Pirri‘. The former Real Madrid soccer player studied Medicine and, when he finished his soccer career in Mexico at the age of 42, he became part of the white team’s medical staff, where he worked for several years in the 1980s.

Chiellini has gone to the United States as a doctor in Economics

He also chose Medicine Paul Alfaro, although he has not come to practice since the center-back has decided to try his luck on the bench and he is doing very well. Neither has Esteban Granero practiced, although in his case the former Real Madrid and Real Sociedad player, among others, opted for Psychology. He can be a great option when he hangs up his boots.

But if there are two degrees in which many of the players with a university degree coincide, they are INEF and Business. There are many players, both active and who have already hung up their boots, who have specialized in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. One of the illustrious examples is Andrés Iniesta, but there are others such as Sergi Roberto, Jesús Vallejo or Jorge Molina. In fact, Molina is from the “two-career club”, like Juan Mata, since he also completed his studies as a teacher.

Of the players who have studied the Business Administration degree, officially called Business Administration and Management, there are a few other examples: Álvaro Odriozola, Mikel Oyarzabal, Xabi Alonso or the great Emilio Butragueño. The leader of the Quinta del Buitre was one of the most famous soccer players who, in addition, studied at the university, and coincided with another member of his fifth, Manolo Sanchis. In addition, there have been other players who started the race, but could not finish it, as is the case with Álvaro Arbeloa or Cesc Fábregas.

INEF and ADE, the most studied careers by soccer players

While INEF and ADE are the most demanded by soccer players, Economics and Journalism also have their defenders. The goalkeeper Manu Herrera graduated in Economics, the career that he was able to study while playing football and that Oleguer Presas, the former Barcelona footballer, also started during his time as a Barça player.

In the world of journalism we are used to seeing a multitude of footballers who act as commentators to, with their experience, help understand what is happening on the pitch. However, a former soccer player finished his degree and has already made his debut in the media working as a journalist: Julen Guerrero. Others like the ex-Sevillista Coke began their career, but left it parked for football.

Which foreign players have studied university careers?

And although there are many Spanish footballers with a university degree, there are also other top-level players who shine in Europe and who have combined their studies with sport. A good case is ChielliniThat Doctor of Business Administration and that he used all his sporting knowledge for his final thesis, which he wrote about Juventus, the team in which he played for more than a decade.

Another great player who combined his sports career with university is Robert Lewandowski. The Polish forward of Bayern Munich finished the studies of INEF in Germany and, in addition, he did a final project on himself.