Football returns to 100% capacity after 623 days

After the announcement of the last October 29 by the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, from this Tuesday all the fans will return to the courts w

After the announcement of the last October 29 by the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, from this Tuesday all the fans will return to the courts with a capacity of 100%. After the South American classic on Tuesday in San Juan between Argentina and Brazil, the measure will govern local football from the next date. In this way, The last formal step for the return to normality is completed, although care for the coronavirus pandemic is maintained.

The show, then, will have viewers again, in its entirety, after 623 days. The last day that the fans could enjoy their respective teams was date 23 of the Super League, played in March 2020. And, in addition, it was a historic weekend: Boca snatched the title from in the last minutes and was crowned champion of the tournament. The Xeneize He beat Diego Armando Maradona’s Gymnastics at home with a goal from Carlitos Tevez and won the contest after River drew 1-1 against Atlético Tucumán as a visitor.

For its part, River does not have the happiest memory of the last game with the public full. It was in the local tournament, after losing the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 to Flamengo. In the Monumental stadium, the Millionaire it equaled 1-1 against the Defense and Justice of Hernán Crespo.

San Lorenzo and Independiente had good results on the last date of the 2019 Super League. The Cyclone beat Lanús 4-3, earning a spot in the Copa Sudamericana. For his part, Red they beat Central Córdoba 3-0, although lagging behind in international competitions.

The last meeting in Argentine territory that had the entire audience in the stands was a Estudiantes-, in UNO. The fans of Click They were the last privileged ones, in the previous one of the coronavirus pandemic.

How will the next three dates be played with 100% public?

The tight schedule for the next three-game run is a consequence of the delay generated by the current double round of Qualifying for the Argentine National Team. Therefore, it is mandatory to offset the due date with a weekday.

In that framework, River, the championship pointer, will have a powerful string. First he will visit Platense next Sunday, November 21 at 9:30 p.m.; then, he will receive Racing on Thursday 25 at the same time. Finally, they will face Rosario Central on Sunday 28 from 5:00 p.m.

On the other hand, the classic between Independiente and Boca, both aspiring to qualify for international competitions, It will be next Wednesday, November 24 from 9:30 p.m., at the Libertadores de América stadium.

The three days, complete, with days and times officially announced:

Date 21

Thursday, November 18

17.00 Union – Defense and Justice
19.15 Board of Trustees – Lanús
21.30 Banfield – Aldosivi

Friday, November 19

17.00 Students – Hurricane
19.15 San Lorenzo – Gymnastics
21.30 Workshops – Vélez
21.30 Argentines – Godoy Cruz

Saturday 20 November

17.00 Rosario Central – Atlético Tucumán
19.15 Boca – Sarmiento
21.30 Central Córdoba –

Sunday November 21

17.00 Arsenal – Newell’s
19.15 Racing – Colon
21.30 Platense – River

Date 22

Tuesday 23 November

17.00 Hurricane – Board of Trustees
17.00 Gymnastics – Workshops
19.15 Aldosivi – San Lorenzo
21.30 Velez – Argentines
21.30 Godoy Cruz – Students

Wednesday, November 24

17.00 Newell’s – Central Córdoba
17.00 Sarmiento – Banfield
19.15 Atlético Tucumán – Defense and Justice
21.30 Independent – Boca

Thursday, November 25

17.00 Arsenal – Union
19.15 Lanús – Platense
19.15 Colon – Rosario Central
21.30 River – Racing

Date 23

Saturday, November 27

17.00 Workshops – Aldosivi
19.15 Board of Trustees – Godoy Cruz
21.30 Students – Vélez

Sunday November 28

17.00 Rosario Central – River
19.15 Argentines – Gymnastics
19.15 Defense and Justice – Colón
21.30 Boca – Newell’s

Monday, November 29

17.00 Platense – Hurricane
17.00 Union – Atlético Tucumán
19.15 Racing – Lanús
21.30 Central Córdoba – Arsenal

Tuesday, November 30

19.15 San Lorenzo – Sarmiento
21.30 Banfield – Independent