Football shows no mercy, by Carlos Zaballa

Football has things that sometimes are not understood or sometimes are understood very well. It’s becoming more like a jungle than a sport. Overnight, in just 24 hours, Barça’s interest in Inigo Martinez has passed to a better life. The time that the culé team has taken and been able to reactivate the option of Jules Koundéthe first alternative Xavi to strengthen your defense. The Frenchman wants to go to the culé team and in the end the players play where they want, even though there was previously an agreement between Sevilla and Chelsea for his transfer to the London club.

The truth is that the culé entity has left the rojiblanco central defender in an uncomfortable position. First yes and the next day no. But that seems to be the least of it in this world of football that is more commodified with each passing day.

In any case, the positive thing for Athletic is that at the moment the central player from Ondarroa continues in his first team, although future surprises should not be ruled out with more than a month on the market ahead of him. We are already cured of fear in this type of situation. What today seems no tomorrow is yes and vice versa.

The departure of the player who offered the highest level last season would have been a very hard blow when the fan is hopeful about the new project led by Ernest Valverde. The illusion is the main engine that drives the support of the fans and in Athletic it is much more important than in other clubs.