“For many years the Delmi was in a situation of abandonment”

December 13, 2021 – 00:22
Exclusive interview with Sergio Olivert Calvet, coordinator for the Province of Salta.

Experience, organization and humility. Three characteristics that summarize the life of , current boxing coordinator of the Province. With El Tribuno he responds blow by blow to every question to reveal how boxing is in our province and future projects.

How did you get to the Salta Boxing Coordination?
I took office in March 2020, with the creation of this position, which has the objective of enhancing the practice of boxing throughout the province. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, we visited more than 20 municipalities and this year we did so in another 42. In this sense, we are working very hard with a program that we had presented to former secretary Marcelo Córdova, where we proposed to buy a mobile ring to visit the different neighborhoods, both in the city and in the interior.

What are the activities about?
The activities include aid to schools throughout the province, the mobile ring or trainings for coaches. I consider that the technicians are the generators of the first instance that there is with the contact of the boxer. In this way, bring them the best tools for training.

Tell me about your experience as a national promoter.
The career was successful since in less than 7 years I made Hispanic, Argentine and Latin titles and I had the chance to participate with Ricky Santillán (former bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council), along with promoter Fabiola Soria and coach Aarón Soria, from to be able to be in Japan for a world title. In 5 years I crowned an unforgettable career as a national boxing promoter.

And inside?
In the interior we are placing great emphasis on the directives of Governor Gustavo Sáenz, where he always emphasizes that not everything ends at km 13 of Aunor. We are working very closely with the boys and we strengthen the practice of boxing in the municipalities and where not, we have started a work with all the mayors who joined the integrating boxing centers. There are places like San Antonio de los Cobres, Animaná, San Carlos or Guachipas where they are practicing this sport for the first time. When there were projects for 15 guys, suddenly, in a week they had 40.

And the help?
It was a joy to be able to specify the aid to 42 municipalities the administration of Minister Mario Peña. When it was delivered to the Martearena stadium, the 60 mayors were present and the Secretariat delivered different items to 220 sports schools. And the mayor of Cafayate, Fernando Almeda, was blunt with this, highlighting that in 10 years of management he had never seen this delivery carried out in such a federal way. A proud.

What will the end of the year be like?
The closing of the boxing year in the city of Oran will be crowned next Saturday, December 18, with the accompaniment of the mayor Pablo González and with the presence of the Olympic boxer Ramón “Hormiga” Quiroga, who will be accompanied by the coaches Juan Videla and the Former world champion Pablo Chacón. It will be outdoors and for free.

The law of merit, a pride?
Yes. The truth is that the approval of the sports merit law in Salta is an indescribable joy. It is an initiative of Fabiola Soria, who is accompanied by former champion Miguel Ángel “el Puma” Arroyo who had the full support of the Salta deputies and senators.

How is “Boxing without Chains”?
“boxing sin Cadenas” is a successful program that we have been putting together since last year at the Secretariat and we were able to crystallize it this year and is run by professional boxer Ezequiel Segundo, a boy who was deprived of liberty for half his life. Today he is 33 years old, where in Villa Las Rosas for 16 years, but boxing took him out of that and today he has a family, children, a bakery and works as a driver on a bus line.

How is the infrastructure?
We are with the Integration Center in , where boys go to practice on the athletics track. Unfortunately we are trying to resurface in the building part because for years the Delmi was in a of abandonment, like the Güemes Legacy, which are an example of the NOA. In this sense, the new management agreed to carry out the investments that are necessary for the facilities to once again have the necessary boom.

Your relationship with people …
You will always find Calvet on the path of honesty and words. We are always in the Secretariat and available. This coordinator will always answer the messages and seek a positive response with the aim of, one day, leaving a small mark of growth.

What does boxing lack to return to the elite?
It is to join. There is a lack of unity in the boxing family and we have to take advantage of it because there are a lot of guys with a great future. In less than 2 or 3 years they will surely be at the national and international level in the professional part. If we strengthen that boxing family, we will return to the elite.


According to Calvet, “many expectations were generated with the arrival of Sergio Chibán to Sports because we know of his excellent career as a GyT leader, revolutionizing football with promotions and leading the Salteña de Fútbol League that was bankrupt when he took it and currently It is an example league in the country ”.
“It is an emotional injection and I am convinced that it will make an overcoming effort to improve the infrastructure that the organism has, as well as to prioritize our sport with programs and total change efforts. The sport of Salta needed a person like Chibán to really have the change that is needed ”, he concluded.