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Former boxer Epifanio Leyva dies this Sunday

National is in mourning, after this afternoon the death of former boxer Epifanio Leyva, better known as el “Goofs” or “Don Pifias”, who was one of the most symbolic boxers in the capital of the country.

In addition to being a fighter, Epifanio Leyva founded one of the most popular entertainment venues in the city. CDMX.

Epifanio knew how to manage his career as a professional in boxing and at the same time he was always attached to his business called “La Hija de los Apaches”, a place where it was known as a pulqueria.

This business gave the ex boxer a great fame and became a great tradition for what this type of business means in Mexico City.

Several boxing figures and artists offered their condolences to the relatives of “Don Pifias”, who was well loved in the world of sports and in the neighborhood where he had his business.

The cause of Epifanio Leyva’s death is unknown until now, but through the account of Facebook the death of the former boxer was announced.

“In the train of his life, he got on and off the stations he wanted, he enjoyed his life and leaves us a great legacy to all his family, friends, clients and loved ones. Thanks to all who accompanied him on his journey and they were with him, he left us all something to remember him, “wrote the pulqueria page.

Epifanio Leyva’s boxing career occurred in his 16 years, when he decided to leave school to start training to lead to professionalism.

In what was his career, no one could ever knock him down and defeat him by knockout, but a bitter drink had to happen in a fight in the city of Tijuana, where he lost and was disappointed in Thursdays and it was better to make the decision to leave. professional boxing.

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After that bitter drink, “Don Pifias” got into his pulque shop business, a place where great Mexican boxers met, such is the case of Rubén “Púas” Olivares, Pipino Cuevas and Humberto “Chiquita” González.

Epifanio Leyva was a boxing icon from Mexico City. Photo: Twitter VIDEO. A pitched fight breaks out in a Los Mochis bar.

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