Former RB pilot accepted that “Checo” beat him

Austria.- Sergio "Checo" Pérez finished fourth in the drivers' championship for the 2021 Formula 1 season with 190 points. Even though he got the

Austria.- Sergio “Checo” Pérez finished fourth in the drivers’ championship for the 2021 Formula 1 season with 190 points. Even though he got these numbers and helped make it big for Max Verstappen in the championship the former Racing driver Pierre Gasley, current broker AlphaTauriHe criticized his performance.

“It is disappointing to compare myself to those who were given a chance to have a seat in Red Bull Racing. According to the numbers and the results, I showed much better utility than any other driver in the Austrian team,” the Frenchman said at the time in an interview for Auto Motor und Sport.

A week later, Pierre Gasly took advantage of the microphones in front of him to change his arguments about the first presentation that “Czech” Perez performed on each track of the season. Instead of criticizing him, he now recognized his work as a teammate of the Dutchman (Verstappen).

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“You have Sergio Pérez who is doing a decent job alongside Max Verstappen and helping him in the championship. It works quite well at the moment,” said the Frenchman before hailing the participation of fellow RB manager Max Verstappen.

“Czech” during the race
Instagram schecoperez

“You have Max Verstappen, he is number one in the company, that is a normal matter. Extreme delivery, he has been doing an incredible job there for five years,” added Pierre Gasly, who does not close the doors to Red Bull Racing for a possible rematch on his sports team.

Sergio “Checo” Pérez obtained a contract with the team after accentuating a magnificent period with BWT Racing Point F1 Team, a team in which he won his first Formula 1 cup at the Sakhir Grand Prix, on the Bahrain International Circuit.

Sergio Pérez on his car
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For this new season, the man from Jalisco will enter his new single-seater that will bear the name RB18 and with that car he will try to achieve a better result than in this first lap at the wheel of the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

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