Formula 1 2021: this cost each driver crash damage

The 2021 season of the Formula 1 It may have come to an end, however, the campaign continues to give a lot to talk about.And not only because of th

The 2021 season of the It may have come to an end, however, the campaign continues to give a lot to talk about.

And not only because of the frantic closure that he gave us in which Max verstappen was proclaimed champion of this year and the maelstrom of doubts that surround the continuation of in the Maximum Circuit, without due to the waste of money that the teams had as a result of the multiple accidents of its pilots in 2021.

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Sky Germany set out to reveal the repair bills each driver accumulated, with hefty numbers that make it clear how hard it can be to keep a team on the road. Formula 1.

Haas rookie Mick Schumacher was the one who took the pitiful first position and sparked multiple criticisms, including that of Guenther Steiner, your team leader.

“Mick in the last five races had quite a few big accidents. It’s a lot of money and for no good reason. They are becoming a little too frequent and too heavy to solve “, said during the summer in reference to the crashes of the German in the Grand Prizes of Monaco, France and Hungary, sparking a dispute with the 22-year-old driver’s uncle, Ralf Schumacher, a former F1 driver, who accused Steiner of washing dirty clothes in public.

However, the 4 million 212 thousand 500 euros that the American team had to pay are deafening.

In the next position with expenses of 4,046,000 euros, it is located Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, who had a more or less acceptable season by being among the top 10 drivers of the campaign, but barely placed in seventh place.