Formula 1 and poker: the art of risking

Half of the Grand Prix of this year's Formula 1 World Championship have yet to take place, so excitement is guaranteed. In 2020, we wi

Half of the Grand Prix of this year’s Formula 1 World Championship have yet to take place, so excitement is guaranteed. In 2020, we will run out of many races for obvious reasons, but normality has more or less returned in the world of motorsports and that also translates into betting in any casino on-line.

The great Lewis Hamilton remains a favorite, followed by Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. The return of Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, is not so convincing.

Formula 1 and poker: same risk, same emotion

But what is it about Formula 1 and poker that attracts so much? Although it may not seem like it, both activities have a common denominator that arouses so much interest on the part of both the amateur and the professional who is dedicated to it.

It’s about risk. Motor racing is a risky sport because, plain and simple, it is dangerous. Every time a driver gets in the car, he knows that he is putting his life in danger and that triggers a lot of adrenaline.

But, in addition, the slightest mistake on the track can also cause them to go from going first to finishing last in the race. The same is true of poker and other games of chance: its appeal lies precisely in that small margin of error.

From the viewer’s point of view, knowing that in a matter of seconds everything can change also makes both Formula 1 and poker a very attractive sport to watch. And that’s evident considering the fans who follow them.

Beyond the danger and the emotion that these two entertainments suppose both for those who practice them and for the public, they share other key elements: the importance of training and having a strategy.

Having a good strategy can bring victory to both a driver and a poker player. Entering the pits before or after an opponent or going more loaded or less fuel can change everything. Being more cautious or more aggressive and taking advantage of the mistakes of others is also decisive in a game.

But without good training, that is difficult to achieve. It is also important to have the power of concentration, know how to control emotions and lead a healthy life. After all, we are talking about professional athletes.

What poker strategies can be used in Formula 1?

It is difficult to equate two seemingly different sports or practices, but the truth is that Formula 1 drivers can learn more than they think from the strategies used by poker players.

For example, some poker experts recommend playing fewer hands but doing it aggressively. On the track, the driver can also choose to compete harder in certain races that he knows he masters and stay in the background in those that he does not.

In this sense, it is also recommended that poker players who do not see it clearly withdraw on time. And that is even more true for drivers, especially when we are talking about an extremely dangerous sport.

If it is about winning, on the other hand, both sports bet on attacking when the opponent shows some weakness. It has to be a quick decision, because in a matter of seconds you can be the weakest yourself.

The role of rivals to win on the track and on the mat

Another element in common between one sport and another is the presence of rivals, which cannot be ignored. Drivers and poker players do not compete (or not only) to surpass themselves, but to be better than others.

The rivals also train, they also seek strategies and also take risks in order to become the winner of the race or the game. So what factor is determining to ensure victory?

There is no magic formula, but it is important to bear in mind that others will also have trained and will have thought about the best strategy to overcome opponents.