Formula 1 | King Lewis Hamilton dies and new F1 monarch Max Verstappen lives

The driver Max Verstappen consolidated the year 2021 in the best way, as he was crowned with the Formula 1 world title and ended the hegemony that

The driver consolidated the year 2021 in the best way, as he was crowned with the world title and ended the hegemony that held for a long time.

Max Verstappen rises as the new monarch of Formula 1 and takes the scepter from Lewis Hamilton© CapturesMax Verstappen rises as the new monarch of Formula 1 and takes the scepter from Lewis HamiltonLucas Saavedra

This year 2021 was one of the most competitive in Formula 1 and in fact the monarch defined himself epically in the last lap of the final race in Abu Dhabi. After seven consecutive titles Lewis Hamilton could not enter the history of the competition and was left without the crown after the shocking victory of Max Verstappen.

The Netherlands star achieved more than one important milestone after establishing himself with the F1 World Cup, since at the same time he ended the streak of six consecutive years of the Germans () and also managed to get the company to achieve again a world title since 2013.

The final race was marked by several controversies that were experienced previously, but that did not mean that the latter was not the exception. Since with Lewis commanding for a long period. However, Verstappen showed all his power, put on fresh tires and went to the death, overtaking Hamilton and winning the title.

This causes Hamilton to drop the crown he had with great deservedness and he can not surpass the mythical Michael Schumacher in quantities of trophies, so both are left with seven. But not only that, he falls before the young Dutch promise of 24 years who now lives longer than anyone.

A moment worthy of the end of the film, which by the way, despite the 36-year-old Briton congratulating his successor, the television series continued outside the redoubt. This is because far from resigning itself to second place Mercedes presented two protests against what they understood to be non-regulatory procedure during the presence on the track of the ‘safety car’, which entered after the accident of Nicholas Latifi, however they were rejected.

Not only did it stay that way, but neither Hamilton nor those responsible for his team appeared at the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) Gala in Paris, which awarded all the 2021 world champions. But there is still more, Since the year closes with rumors about a possible retirement from the tracks of the British star, statistically the best driver in history, who this year lost his crown to the new promise that Formula 1 has.

In the same way, the kingdom of Hamilton has a great successor, since Max Verstappen, who is the youngest driver in history with 18 years to win a race, shows that this was not only a summer of San Juan, but that it is for great things and with what has been demonstrated in this past season, it becomes more than a promise and is expected to continue reaping milestones for the 2022 season.