Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton finished the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with a lot of back pain as a result of the effect experienced by his car

The helmet does not allow to observe his face, but the gestures of pain they feel the same. She gets out of her car, grabs her back, and is apolog

The helmet does not allow to observe his face, but the gestures of pain they feel the same. She gets out of her car, grabs her back, and is apologized. Lewis Hamilton He is going through the worst year since he entered Formula 1 and in each competition there is a different reason to realize the bad moment. Max Verstappen was the winner of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and little by little he cut himself off from the rest on the way to his second title. Mercedes, meanwhile, hardly runs from further back and this weekend, the seven-time British champion did not have a good time. All this was reflected.

The pouring it’s a violent rebound experienced by the Formula 1 car when traveling at high speed and, without a doubt, one of the ones that suffers the most is Lewis Hamilton’s car. On the Baku street circuit, this effect began to take its toll on the Briton’s back on Friday and after the race it was more than evident: It was very difficult for the British to get out of his car and with clear signs of pain in his back. Even though his face was not visible because he was wearing his helmet, he held his back and tried to straighten his body for some relief.

To this were added Toto Wolf’s apology, director of the German team: “Very well done for the strategy, sorry for what is happening, let’s keep pushing”, the Mercedes leader told his driver with great frustration, who was leaving the car until walking with difficulty.

Despite everything that happened, It was one of Hamilton’s best races of the season as he started seventh on the starting grid and finished fourth. In addition, the organization chose him as the “Pilot of the day”. With this final position he equaled the position achieved in Australia. Anyway, his best competition was in Saudi Arabia where he came third.

But Hamilton’s discomfort is not just this Sunday. The seven-time world champion I had already finished Friday with some back pain in Baku. What happened over the weekend is that suffered a lot with the rebound on the finish straight of this street circuit and acknowledges that the experiments they have carried out have not worked. He personally welcomes having tried it, but they haven’t found a solution yet.

This is the porpoising in Hamilton’s car

The incredible porpoising of Hamilton’s car in Baku

Even at the end of the first of the tests, he told the media: “I have some back pain. Here at the end of the straight we go at a very serious speed and the car bounces a lot. We’ve experimented with a few things on my car and to be honest it hasn’t worked well, but at least we’ve tried. We have information and for tomorrow we will surely change everything we have tried”.

In addition, he referred once again to the rebound of his car during this weekend, which is very detrimental to him: “The worst thing was the rebound, we are experiencing the same problems as in the previous race”. After so many corrective experiments, it is too late for Hamilton to balance the speedy Red Bulls this season. But, will they be able to solve this scourge for the British?