Formula 1, live | Canadian GP 2022: the race with Fernando Alonso and Sainz, live

1. Max Verstappen (1.21.299)

2. Fernando Alonso❗(+0.645s)

3. Carlos Sainz❗

4.Lewis Hamilton

5. Kevin Magnussen

6. Mick Schumacher

7. Esteban Ocon

8. George Russell

9. Daniel Ricciardo

10. Guanyu Zhou

11. Valtteri Bottas

12. Alex Albon

13. ‘Czech’ Perez

14.Lando Norris

15.Pierre Gasly

16. Sebastian Vettel

17. Lance Stroll

18. Nicholas Latifi

19.Charles Leclerc

20.Yuki Tsunoda

Alonso returns to the front row of the starting grid in Canada. Fernando Alonso (Alpine) will start again from the front row of the starting grid at the Canadian GP which takes place this Sunday nine seasons after doing it for the last time.

Fernando Alonso (Alpine) dominated the last free practice session on Saturday, at the Canadian Grand Prix, the ninth round of the Formula 1 World Championship, ahead of Gasly, Vettel and his teammate Ocon. The times on the Gilles Villeneuve route were slower than usual, due to the meteorological factor of the rain.

In the qualifying session, the good feelings continued for the Spanish driver, who finished second behind Max Verstappen, in all the qualifying sessions. The Dutch Red Bull driver, with a time of 1.21.299, added a new Pole Position to his record, taking more than half a second from Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz.

However, the strategy outlined by Ferrari, in addition to a progressive improvement in race pace, returned the lead to Leclerc, who managed to take a 12-second lead over his pursuer, Max Verstappen. But everything began to go wrong for the Italian team in a seen and not seen. First it was Sainz who had to abandon the race due to a problem in the hydraulic system, when he was running in fourth position. And if everything seemed to go wrong, misfortune continued for Ferrari, because a few laps later it was Leclerc who left the race due to a problem in the power unit of his car, when he was leading the race comfortably. Therefore, what could have been a hard-fought victory for the current third-placed team in the World Championship ended up being a double for Red Bull’s men.

✔️ Name of the circuit: Circuit of Gilles Villeneuve

✔️ Length: 4,361 kilometers

✔️ Race distance: 70 laps (305.270 km)

✔️ Curves: 7 right – 6 left

✔️ Fastest lap record: 2019, Sebastian Vettel – 1:10.240 (Ferrari)

Along with the long straights, in Montreal we find strong braking and very technical turns. The braking is one of the hardest of the whole year, with six braking over 250 km/h. Something that really punishes the brakes of the single-seaters, which wear out a lot. With all this and no fast corners, you need a car with good traction coming out of slow corners, good top speed and good kerbing.

The Formula 1 race for the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the ninth round of the Motoring World Championship, can be followed from DAZN, Movistar + and, minute by minute, through the La Vanguardia website.

1. Red Bull Racing RBPT – 279 points

2.Ferrari – 199 points

3. Mercedes – 161 points

4. McLaren Mercedes – 65 points

5. Alpine Renault – 47 points

6. Alfa Romeo Ferrari – 41 points

7. Alpha Tauri RBPT – 27 points

8. Haas Ferrari – 15 points

9. Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes – 15 points

10.Williams Mercedes – 3 points

1. Max Verstappen – 150 points

2. Sergio Perez – 129 points

3. Charles Leclerc – 116 points

4. George Russell – 99 points

5. Carlos Sainz – 83 points ❗

6. Lewis Hamilton – 62 points

7. Lando Norris – 50 points

8. Valtteri Bottas – 40 points

9. Esteban Ocon – 31 points

10. Pierre Gasly – 16 points

11. Fernando Alonso – 16 points ❗

12. Kevin Magnussen – 15 points

13. Daniel Ricciardo – 15 points

14. Sebastian Vettel – 13 points

15. Yuki Tsunoda – 11 points

16. Alexander Albon – 3 points

17. Lance Stroll – 2 points

18. Guanyu Zhou – 1 points

19. Mick Schumacher – 0 points

20. Nicholas Latifi – 0 points

The Asturian driver, Fernando Alonso (Alpine), eleventh classified in the Formula 1 World Championship, will try to fight one-on-one against the current world leader, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and against the Spanish Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz. The first stage of the championship has not been easy for Alonso, but after chaining three races getting into the points, this weekend the pace of the Alpine has surprised for good, to the point of starting on the front row, from second place. Fernando Alonso did not start from the first two positions for nine seasons.

The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix race, which takes place at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, will take place at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

Dutch driver Max Verstappen (Red Bull) can put a good handful of points on his closest rival for the Drivers’ World Championship, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). The Monegasque driver will start from the penultimate place, after receiving 10 penalty positions after modifying the power unit of his car. The two Spaniards, Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), have a great chance to get on the podium today. Both will start in 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Qualifying was especially good for Alonso, who will start from the front row for the first time in ten years.

⚠ The Canadian F1 GP race will start at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).