Formula 1: Red Bull debacle in Mexico’s Qualy

Psychological mandoble from Mercedes to Red Bull in the Classification of the F1 Mexican GP. Red Bull had shown progressive superiority in free tr

Psychological mandoble from to in the Classification of the F1 . Red Bull had shown progressive superiority in free trials: Mercedes achieved 1-2 on Friday morning, with the Red Bulls within two tenths; in the afternoon, Max got four tenths out of some incredulous Mercedes; today in the morning, the difference rose to six tenths.

The picture seemed to be confirmed, roughly, in Q1. After the P3, the track was, if possible, dirtier (by actions of an opening category). Dust on the track complicated braking throughout the weekend, something key in the race with the lowest air density of the World Championship (with top speeds of 340 to 350 km / h despite having the maximum downforce, used in Monaco). In this context, traction is key, and there Red Bull had taken advantage.

Q1 was marked by the crash of the Canadian Stroll in Turn 17 when the session was averaging: the dirt on the track had a lot to do with it (a detail that can weigh, for example, in the first braking of the race). Later, the superiority of Red Bull was confirmed, with a Hamilton far and behind Bottas, and the Alpha Tauri in killer rhythm, with the Ferraris always there and McLaren emerging a resurrection after bad Friday. They were eliminated in this first part of the Classification Alonso (Alpine’s horrible weekend), Latifi, Schumacher, Mazepin and Stroll.

Dirt hurt Stroll at Turn 17Dirt hurt Stroll at Turn 17

In Q2, Mercedes began to show nails and narrowly missed the pole. Except for Tsunoda, everyone set their best time in this second half on Medium tires, and will use that compound at the start of the Grand Prix. Vettel, Raikkonen, Russell, Giovinazzi and Ocon were eliminated.

In the first outing of Q3, it was confirmed that Mercedes had been hiding in degradation since the first session on Friday: he nailed a very clear 1-2 with three-tenths of Bottas on , who complained of a slippery car; in any case, Mercedes’ times were spectacular and unexpected in the context of the weekend.

As has happened several times this year, the second outing of Q3 was chaotic and hardly anyone could improve their time. The epitome was Yuki Tsunoda ruining his last chance for the Red Bulls with a track start in which he did not fight at all (he is one of the five drivers who will lose positions on the starting grid for changing parts of their cars).

This being the case and with the spectacular and unexpected figures of their first outings, the Mercedes guaranteed a 1-2 to work in tandem on one of the circuits where passing is almost impossible. In addition, Mercedes is more unloaded on the wing to defend the best rhythm that Red Bull can show in the zone with the best traction, but where two cars do not pass together.

Special mention for Gasly in particular and for Alpha Tauri in general, benefiting from an expected superior performance in the Mesoamerican altitude. McLaren was resurrected enough to fight Ferrari and Alpha Tauri, so the emotions will not be reduced to podium positions.

The results of the QualyThe results of the Qualy

The championship continues to give emotions to be considered among, at least, the best five World Cups in memory. And he does not breathe at any time; tomorrow will not be the exception.