Formula 1 season 2022: candidates to win the title

The 2022 Formula 1 season has a high bar to overcome, after last year it became one of the most exciting campaigns in F1 history, defining the ch

The 2022 Formula 1 season has a high bar to overcome, after last year it became one of the most exciting campaigns in F1 history, defining the champion on the last lap of the last race, which made that many people were present in an online betting house. Max Verstappen finally took the title, ending Lewis Hamilton’s streak and avoiding an all-time record.

The truth is that the 2022 season has brought several changes. It could be said that a new stage of the ‘Hybrid Era’ has entered in 2022 where the main modifications were in the technical regulations of single-seaters. Now they weigh more, they have a futuristic vision, but it has led to other problems such as porpoising, which has been a burden for some teams.

Some teams have adapted better than others to the changes, which have included some modifications on the same grid, where some drivers changed teams and others were left out. Here we are going to mention the favorites to win this F1 transition season that also promises a lot of speed and emotion in each corner.

Champion Max Verstappen seeks another crown

Red Bull has developed a car with no low points, although in the first races it had reliability problems. Max Verstappen has been able to tame his car and is one of the main candidates to win the title in this 2022 Formula 1 season. He has shown a lot of confidence on the tracks and having won his first championship has taken a heavy backpack off his shoulders .

In addition, he has renewed his contract at Red Bull until 2028 and they clearly have him as the number 1 driver of the team. That has been noticeable when Checo Pérez has been given orders to take care of Verstappen’s position or when he has had to give up the lead in a race. Despite his young age, already with several seasons in F1 he has the label of favorite for the title.

Charles Leclerc wants to be the new monarch

The Monegasque driver has had a great learning curve at Ferrari, which is one of the teams that has made an obvious leap in quality with its new single-seater. This 2022 has made fans of the team once again hope to see a champion dressed completely in red. Leclerc is the same age as Verstappen and they have competed since youth categories.

However, he has to deal with the extra pressure of seeking his first championship with a historic team. He has already won some races, but he must maintain a high level throughout the year to be able to shout champion at the end. Ferrari this 2022 has done a great job with its car, although the evolutions during the season can also be decisive.

George Russell goes for the big hit

The British driver is, in theory, Mercedes’ number 2 driver. But after seeing the first races of this 2022 it is clear that he has adapted faster to the new car than his teammate Lewis Hamilton. George spent a few seasons at Williams, so he may have gotten a better car than he had last season.

In addition, the Briton has always been considered one of the great talents in Formula 1. Although he knows that he will have to fight against all the other drivers who have the same great goal: to be champion. The big drag has been that Mercedes has not given a good car, but Russell has still managed to get great results.

Lewis Hamilton wants to make history

Seven times world champion and one of the most talented drivers on the grid. Lewis Hamilton should be the big favorite for this season, however he has not settled into the new car. The Briton hopes that Mercedes’ evolutions during the year will allow him to put up a fight, but after the first races of this year he seems to be far from the leaders.

Equalized with Michael Schumacher in the historical table of world titles, Hamilton seeks to become number 1 in said ranking. But for that he will have to adapt to the new car and beat several young people with a thirst for victory.

The 2022 Formula 1 season is very exciting. You can take advantage of the knowledge you have about the queen category of speed to enter Betfair and choose your favorite for the title.