Formula 1: The best watches drivers have worn

Even if you've only seen the trailers, you'll know that the best of Drive to Survivethe energetic docuseries of Formula 1 from Netflix, it's not th

Even if you’ve only seen the trailers, you’ll know that the best of Drive to Survivethe energetic docuseries of from Netflix, it’s not the fashion sense of Lewis Hamiltonbut Guenther Steiner. Since the director of the Haas team became an oriental chicken in the first season – the Italian-American, who sounds like someone who imitates a German who imitates Gordon Ramsay – has laid the foundation for creating a series spin off own. Guenther Steiner could be the best of the series, period.

“Why do you see the Formula 1?” asked the crew chief from the first season, “because you want to see action. You want to watch drama. You want to see the underdog achieving a good result.” Actually we see Formula 1: Drive to Survive by Guenther Steiner and his jokes.

The fourth season of Drive to Survive premiered a few weeks ago, and once again we find Guenther Steiner with a brilliant sense of humor. “Damn,” our man with the scowl and Thomas Magnum mustache said as he addressed the Russian pilot from HassNikita Mazepin, already dismissed, “That’s why people hate you.”

Hass finished last in Constructors Championship last year, without having scored a single point all season. The team’s 2022 campaign hasn’t started off on the right foot, either. After parting ways with Mazepin and its sponsor Uralkali (a fertilizer company partly owned by Mazepin’s old partner), Hass it was the team that gave the fewest laps in the first pre-season race in Catalonia. Things went from bad to worse when the plane the team had chartered to take their cars from Britain to Bahrain was grounded in Istanbul due to technical problems. It couldn’t be invented. And yet…

When the contingent of Hass finally reached the Persian Gulf, 48 hours later than the rest of the formula 1 teams, the asphalt of Bahrain witnessed something of a miracle. On the second day of testing, Kevin Magnussen (reinstated after Mazepin’s departure) set the fastest lap time overall. The next day, during tests on soft tyres, Mick Schumacher set the second fastest time. Please, God, someone recorded Steiner’s reaction.

All this to point out the natural symbiosis that exists between the most renegade team in the Formula 1and your official timing partner since 2021, Cyrus Watchesa brand that is so at the height of the very Hass.

Just like you, I’ve never heard of Cyrus Watches. Then, a few years ago, someone I barely knew asked me to pick up one of his a man’s watches who, I was told, would be waiting for me in a gloomy corner of a carnival. swiss watches. It sounds a bit far-fetched, and I think it was. I wore the watch, or rather it wore me (the thing was a beast) for the next two days, but gave up trying to tell the time after a few minutes (the hour markers went up the side of the watch ; minutes and seconds were displayed on hard-to-read rotating disks in their center). It was all a bit crazy.