Formula 1, the champion car for sale for little money

An F1 driver's car is for sale these days to be yours. Its price may or may not surprise you, but you have to remember that you can't drive it.

An F1 driver’s car is for sale these days to be yours. Its price may or may not surprise you, but you have to remember that you can’t drive it. The reason is almost obvious.

F1, model used by a pilot for sale

F1 is a category of cars built by great talent, including Sergio Pérez. A very talented driver who has been at the wheel of Red Bull for two seasons. Now “her” car of his is for sale on the site bonhams. Before we find out, let’s get to know the former Mexican McLaren better.

Sergio Pérez, from the disappointment of McLaren to the satisfaction of Red Bull: biography

Among the best talents in F1 today is Sergio Pérez, born on January 26, 1990 in Mexico. He made his debut in the major racing series a decade ago in 2011 with Saber. In the following season, he collects remarkable results, including three fantastic podium finishes.

In 2013 he moved to McLaren to replace Lewis Hamilton, but unfortunately he looked much less brilliant here. He was then signed by Porsche India (later to become Racing Point), with whom he won seven stages. In 2020, he got his first career hit at Sakhir.

It is repeated in 2021 in Baku and in 2022 in Monaco. Two of these years he spent at Red Bull, often and willingly collecting a host of truly remarkable results, which make him an absolute leader in Formula One at the moment. But let’s talk again indian forceShe is our car of interest.

F1, single-seater driven by Pérez at auction: What model is it?

We are talking about Sergio Pérez, who did well in the 2015 F1 On A Force India race. Now his car is one On sale. Let’s talk about the VJM08 model that took the Mexican to the podium at the Russian Grand Prix the same year. This model offered a clever solution: it could send enough airflow to the lower body without resorting to a narrow ‘nose’, so common in F1 in those years, that it was difficult to even pass the required crash test. by the FIA.

Directed by Sergio Pérez (Banhams), Force India Sales.

Today this car is a remarkable tribute to anyone involved in its design, construction or manufacture of every component. Furthermore, it has the potential to offer collectors and enthusiasts a truly unique model.

Pérez is currently an absolute number one in the segment, so it is not bad to have such a vehicle. So the car has no engine and no transmission. i can’t run it; But those of us who decided to make it our own know how to “settle down”. Its price ranges between 70 and 100 thousand pounds (115 thousand euros).