Formula 1: The Hamilton 300

Lewis Hamilton reached the 300th Grand Prix in Formula 1, with the one held yesterday in France, where he finished in second place. Next

Lewis Hamilton reached the 300th Grand Prix in Formula 1, with the one held yesterday in France, where he finished in second place. Next, we will review the most outstanding milestones of the one who seized all the F1 records.

Like any story, it has a beginning and this was on March 18, 2007 in Australia. Aboard a McLaren, he made his debut in the top category and of course he did it in a big way. Since he finished in 3rd place behind Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso. After making podiums on the next 4 dates, his first weekend of glory arrived.

Race N°6 in Formula 1. Country? Canada Circuit? Gilles Villeneuve. Hamilton wrote down his name on Saturday, staying with the pole position (N ° 1 of the 103 that he has) and on Sunday he achieved his triumphant baptism; which left him on top of the championship. On the following date (Indianapolis), he would repeat victory, managing to win consecutively for the first time.

During his presentation No. 15, in Japan, he would achieve his initial triplet. At Fuji he took the pole position, the race and the lap record. He was on his way to consecration, but it is already known what happened at the end of the 2007 contest where he lost the crown in the hands of Räikkönen.

He had his revenge in 2008, where he won his first crown and also scored several items for the statistics. He conquered the streets of Monte Carlo after starting third as he managed to celebrate at Silverstone with a difference of more than a minute over Nick Heidfeld. This was the largest lead for Lewis in his 103 F1 accolades. Of course, it was not the last success as a local, since he was a prophet in his land 7 more times. To the aforementioned, are added: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

After 6 seasons at McLaren, where he won 21 victories and a title in 110 Grand Prix, he emigrated to Mercedes in 2013. It was not the best year for him, where he only managed to triumph in Hungary (in his test No. 120). The Hungarian track is one of the favorites for the Briton, since he saw him cross the finish line before anyone else on 8 occasions.

Image: @TeamLH

In 2014, it would be the tournament of his definitive takeoff. The “Silver Arrow” dominated from start to finish and won his second scepter in F1. In said contest, he managed to win 5 consecutive competitions, then matched it in 2020, being his longest streak: Italy, Singapore, Japan, Russia and the United States saw him receive the checkered flag ahead of his rivals. In addition, this string of successes served to finish 16 events in a row on the podium between the end of the 2014 tournament and the beginning of 2015.

Of course, it is the longest in the entire history of Formula 1. From Grand Prix No. 142 to No. 157 in his history, Lewis had a worst result of 3rd place.

His excellent handling was accompanied by a perfect Mercedes. In 2017, he finished all 20 events within the points zone, a milestone that he surpassed in 2019 when he finished within 9 in the 21 events held. If we add 2018, he only had a single dropout in 62 tests. In which, he achieved 31 compliments, that is, 50% of the contests that he ran.

Precisely in 2018 he achieved his most important comeback. In his 219th appearance, Lewis started the German Grand Prix for 14 and arrived (how could it be otherwise) in first place escorted by his teammate Valtteri Bottas. That race, he is remembered for Sebastian Vettel’s accident when he was leading with the Ferrari.

2020 will be remembered for the COVID-19 Pandemic that paralyzed the entire world. In a contest reduced to 17 dates, the British continued to write more golden pages. In Portugal he became the winningest driver of all time and in Turkey he took his seventh crown, equaling Michael Schumacher’s mark. Precisely the German, he dethroned him from the top in Formula 1 statistics.

So far, his last joy was on December 5, 2021 in Saudi Arabia. In race No. 287 of his history, he fought a duel that will remain in the memory with Max Verstappen, where he came out the winner and put the tournament that would finally remain in the hands of the Dutchman red hot.

Last weekend, in France, he reached his 300th Grand Prix as the sixth driver with the most races in F1 and he celebrated with a second place aboard his No. 44 Mercedes.

Hamilton marked an era and was master and lord between 2014 and 2021. Only Nico Rosberg in 2016 and Max Verstappen in 2021, were able to beat him in a fight where both had to demand more than 100% of themselves in order to beat him.

To measure the numbers of the multiple monarch, it must be said that he is the pilot with the most crown (equals with Michael Schumacher) with 7; He is the one who won the most (103), the one who conquered the most pole positions (103) and the one who stood on the podium the most times with 187. For now, he could not beat Schumacher in the lap records (he holds 59 against the 77 of the Kaiser ). In addition, he is the one who scored the most points in the entire history of Formula 1. Simply Lewis Hamilton.